Do Not Forget to Know These Valuable tips Before Home Renovation

In this article, you will be given important tips that you need to know before the home renovation.

Are you thinking of adding value to your home in Hyderabad? Or are you in the path to buy a new house in the posh area of Hyderabad? It can be both, but kindly note, there will be always opportunities at least once in your lifetime to purchase a home. You can buy a new home and change the interior decoration, or else you can buy a old existing home, then change it completely by renovation. In this article, you will be given important tips that you need to know before the home renovation.

A renovation of your home, means lot of information to consider and remember. Among them, important will be the search for a reliable interior designer, how to cut down costs and the ways to convert your ideas to reality. Given in this article are some of the information obtained from trustworthy sources and qualified renovation professionals.

The surprising factor about home renovation is, you may be a millionaire with a dozen homes around the world, but the process always throws up various surprises. And remember at the last, not every idea will be fulfilled. You have to adjust as per the circumstances.

Home Renovation Tips

1. Front Door

Ensure that the front door which lets the guests, visitors into the house is modeled in a attractive way. Because, the front door is the first building infrastructure that lets a guest visualize about the interior of the house. There are house owners who have changed the style and design of their front door many times.

2. Stairs

Do you want to have a proper stairs to the balcony? If you have the budget, go for it. But ensure you know the place to start building the stairs. It can also cramp a room. So, make a proper plan if you have to renovate the existing stair or change the place to accommodate more space to a room.

3. Design

You cannot change every idea to a reality. Even the reputed interior decorators, civil engineers and masons opine you may have plenty of ideas, but it is not possible to ensure completion. You may forget one or two, and there are also times you wish you could done the design in a more creative way. But that is life. Adjustment gives you happiness.

It will take at least two months to adjust to the new renovation for you as well the family members. So have patience and then every aspect will fall in place. You can make additions to the new wall such as hanging a family photograph. There are many opportunities galore to make your home a wonderful attractive place.

4. Deadline

In a religious text, it quotes that the Supreme Power took more than five days to create this world. Then, what about us, puny mortals? Forget the others you can blame upon; there are times, you cannot meet your own guidelines. Few reasons are – you cannot come to a conclusion, the renovation products went out of stock, the weather (rains, high summer) etc. In all these situations, you just have to go on. Never stop and sulk.

5. Keep A Note

Human beings are prone to doing mistakes. A team work can always result in a ego clash. It is not arrogance in times of renovation, but it is the desire to do everything in their own way. Or you said a point, and they understood from a different view. You can go on and on. It is advisable to write every new change specified on a notebook. In case of building a new structure, you should always have a firm stand and keep note of the specifications. There is no point in worrying after the bathtub is built to a smaller size.

Also, consult your elderly relatives for valuable tips about the workers. Browse about their charges for a day, week and locality. The most important will be to write the budget, show it to the interior designer, other workers and carefully work around the plan to convert it to reality.

6. Budget

Unfortunately, it always comes true. Once your hand is on the wallet during renovation, money flies off or let us just say, evaporates. You also cannot say no. After all, it is going to be your dwelling place for, let us say, the next twenty years. However, if you can stay on budget, there are two reasons – a wonderful team who can work around the budget. Or a person who has properly laid down the foundation. Towards the end of the construction process, when you look at the expenses, you can know that it has gone to a staggering amount. Unless you have written down every expense, you will go BONKERS at where all the money went. It is no use racking your brains and putting the blame on others, when you could have done the simple job – write down on expenses and save the bills as evidence.

7. Responsibility

Too many cooks spoil the Broth – proverb

You could have a wonderful team – designers, project managers, carpenters and plumbers. Every technician may be skilled, but you can have many hands in the same pot. So it is necessary to hire a person to hold accountability for the project.

8. Ceiling

You are more interested in the floor plan, but equally interested you should be about the ceiling plan. The ceiling has to be perfect, or when you enter the house or a private room, imagine the droppings in your head. It is all because of the renovation. The new addition and deletion can play on your ceiling.

9. Dust

Do not expect tidiness till the construction is over. Also prepare your family members for the dust.


The last part, keep a hawk’s eye on plumbing and electrical services for the new additions to your home. It is better to seek the services of a qualified plumber so that he can suggest the best plans according to the regulations. Did you forget the electrician? A skilled electrician will ensure of the right wiring and check if the electrical system is equipped to handle the requirements.

Hope this article on renovation has give you a few valuable tips. If you are starting out, here is a big CHEERS to you? Do you feel we have missed a valuable point. Then please make sure to share them in the comments section. We can include the point in our next article.

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