Revamp Your Home: 10 Interior Design Ideas To Watch Out For This 2022

interior design ideas

If you’ve been living in a minimalist home characterized by beige walls, white subway tiles, black couch, sleek centerpieces, and laidback lighting fixtures, now might be the perfect moment to break free – 2022 favors the bold.

We’ll be seeing more eye-popping colors, textures, patterns, and decorating styles this 2022. Rich jewel tones, art deco designs and accessories, bohemian-inspired interiors, handmade light fixtures, velvet furniture, and dramatic patterns make this year a vibrant year for home design fanatics.

If you’re ready to give your home a brand-new look this year, 10 trendy interior design ideas are worth checking out.

A biophilic home

The need to feel more connected with the earth and our roots are stronger than ever. So expect more natural elements and less tech-obsessed décor in modern homes.

Wood and stone finishes continue to thrive (and will always do), and there’ll be a greater emphasis on millwork and handcrafted furniture. The design will also focus on maximizing natural light and air. Lastly, we’ll see more patches of green and blue, characterized by plant life and water elements, in today’s homes.

These elements, which create a relationship between humankind and nature, work to bring a serene, organic ambiance to any space.

Velvet is making a comeback.

Old-fashioned no more – velvet is now seen as luxe yet funky. As a result, many designers believe velvet pieces to be one of the year’s sought-after décor trends. If a velvet couch isn’t your thing, incorporate velvet in throw blankets, pillows, rugs, and other fabrics.

Goodbye minimalism, hello maximalism

The dominance of neutral finishes, unadorned walls, and sleek furniture declines. 2022 will pave the way for bolder interiors characterized by bright colors, graphic patterns, unique shapes, dramatic textures, and large-scale art pieces.

Now is a perfect time if you’ve wanted to infuse personality into your space. Instead of worrying about whether the art or furniture match your space’s color scheme, try thinking about the pieces you truly love to see and use and include them in your room.

A more vivid kitchen with bolder backsplashes

The clean and flawless all-white kitchen trend is dead – we say hello to fun and bold backsplashes that break the uniformity. This year, cooking spaces will surely have more vigor, from vivid tile colors to large-scale geometric pattern choices.

Expect more curves

We’ve been used to crisp, streamlined furniture and straight lines for the past years. In 2022, we’ll see more curved and rounded furniture pieces and patterns. Aside from adding visual interest, curves may also offer an illusion of more space, making the home feel larger than it is.

More artisanal fixtures and pieces

Laidback, exposed light fixtures, and minimalist home accessories may take a step back – we’ll focus more on craftsmanship.

We welcome handcrafted décor, made using sustainable materials like rice paper, clay, sustainable wood, rattan, bamboo, jute, and recycled glass. Artisan light fixtures, for example, will be a huge hit. In addition, more décor enthusiasts will get their lighting fix from local artists and small businesses.

Rich and vibrant jewel tones

Monochromatic, neutral-painted rooms have had a good long run – it’s now time to make rich jewel tones shine. Tones including emerald green, ruby red, turquoise, magenta, burnt yellow, and indigo pack a punch, especially when exhibited against stark white backdrops.

Floral prints never wither

Floral patterns will continue to take over wallpapers, fabrics, and art pieces. However, we’ll see the traditional beauty of floral patterns in a new light – expect to see exaggerated proportions and hip contrasting colors.

Something see-through

With these bold design approaches going on, we need something functional yet doesn’t take much space. That’s when transparent pieces come in.

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Acrylic or glass pieces, including chairs, tables, and accessories, will always be mainstays – they give the room the structure it needs without taking up visual weight.


Sustainability is more than just a trend – it’s a responsibility. As a result, many architects and housing companies have joined the movement, from creative, sustainable kit homes with passive design to mobile homes that reduce environmental footprint.

It sounds counterintuitive because “bold interior design” often comes with a “buy, buy, buy” mindset. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. Instead, be more strategic and purposeful than ever in purchasing home décor – to obtain only a few pieces that spark joy.

Here lies a challenge: how can you create a home infused with personality without consuming too many natural resources, using precious square footage, and wasting hard-earned money on clutter?

Think about using timeless, high-quality, and multi-purpose materials. Use sustainable pieces and recycled décor. Think about who you’re buying from, the materials used to produce each item, and what the company stands for.
Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a renowned construction company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-quality steel-framed kit homes in Australia. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.


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