How To Decide On Your Investment Strategy

Choosing an investment strategy can seem like a daunting prospect. There are many factors to consider and so many different ways you can go about investing your money. Should you put it into stocks, bonds, currencies or CFDs? How will you manage your investments once they’ve been made? What are the risks, and when should you expect a return? Happily there are clear steps you can take in order to work out a strategy that’s right for you, and many good sources of expert advice along the way. Investment goals…

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20 Practical Tips for Caring for Your Money

On many occasions we have mentioned how important it is to know properly handle our money, and protect the fruits of our labor against unforeseen events. Therefore, below is a list of 20 things we can do now to take care of our personal finances and so we can meet all our goals within us that we have set. 1. Obtain the value of its assets. Make a personal assessment, calculating the amount of their assets and liabilities, for the total value of its assets. Perform this exercise every month,…

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How Has The Internet Changed Our Relationship With Money?

There is no doubt that the internet has had a massive impact on modern life. Since it was first made publicly available in the early 1990s, it has grown at a great rate. It now sits at the center of all our lives and is vital to many core services, business websites and daily life. One area that has seen a big change since the internet arrived is how we deal with money. Just how has it changed the way that we handle money? Here are a few ways that…

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Fix Your Credit Score In 10 Easy Steps

To get approval for any formal credit, the lender will first check your credit score. A credit score is a 3 digit number which ranges between 300 and 850. The closer the credit score is to the 850 mark, the better your credit score is and vice versa. A credit score tells the lender how likely are you to pay the borrowed debt on time. Any credit score above 700 is considered to be good and above 800 is considered to be excellent. The higher your credit score is more…

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Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing Retirement Plan

retirement financial planning

Making a fruitful retirement planning is very important while you are into service. A suitable retrial planning can safeguard your financial future and can help you to continue a good lifestyle in the golden years of retirement. However, people often miss out some of the important aspects while implementing the retirement planning. Thus, many times it becomes difficult to achieve the retirement goal. There are numerous factors like the amount of debt you need to pay, your salary, what account you are using for retirement, your expenses, etc. that can…

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Factors that will Determine Your Home Loan Eligibility

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Applying for a home loan and then getting it approved from a bank is no mean feat. To determine whether you are eligible for a loan or not, the bank and Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) will take a lot of factors into account before signing their approval. They have certain criteria which they expect you to meet. The factors that impact your home loan eligibility are: The capacity to borrow money: The primary thing a bank checks before approving a home loan is whether you can pay it periodically…

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“Joe Roosevans” – 3 of the Best and Most Powerful Personal Finance Education Strategies You Must Know

Most Powerful Personal Finance Education Strategies You Must Know

FRA Financial Group Founder Joe Roosevans is an industry veteran who has built one of the nations’ most successful Independent Marketing Organizations – Financial Resources of America and its affiliated companies, including FRA Financial Group. There are quite a few methods for creating the life of your dreams and finding financial abundance. However, realize that out of the many keys to success, you can’t ignore the following 3 rules for ultimate financial success. The first thing you must do is protect everything you have. Yes, you need to pay for…

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Do You Know All the Plans Whole Life Insurance Has to Offer?

Life Insurance Quotes

Summary – Whole life insurance plans are known for providing the lifetime protection to the policyholder and offer quite a range of policies for the same. This article talks about the various insurance plans offered and their importance in specific situations. Body – Life insurance plans gave a history of protecting the lives of loved ones after the demise of the sole breadwinner in the family. With their accumulated cash amount, these plans have been greatly helping the loved ones to realize their dreams even in the absence of policyholder.…

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10 Incredible Secrets You Will Find In An Electronic Passport

Electronic Passports are truly one of the coolest things ever invented. They are constantly updated to reflect the most advanced technology by embedding and including sophisticated security design features to prevent potential impostors, counterfeiters, and fraudsters, who are truly the biggest threats globally. Every country will exclude or include various features at the time of manufacturing a passport, which not many of you might know. Here are a few such interesting secrets to unveil and learn about. But before that, understand what types of security threats can occur for passports?…

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What Are Bitcoins?

Let us imagine, you have a teenage son/daughter who is studying finance. Or a blood relative who dabbles in financial work. Mention the word ‘bitcoin’ and their ears perk up. In short, bitcoin can be labeled as a currency but of the internet. In fact, it has gained name and fame even though it made its presence only before a decade. But where did the bitcoin originate? There are many questions galore. In this article, we have attempted a few of the most important questions regarding its history, how bitcoins…

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Student Credit Card – Should You Allow My Teen To Have One?

India is one of the few countries in the world with most number of young people. By 2022, the country is predicted to become the youngest country with the millennials dominating the country’s population. In such a scenario, businesses are also targeting the largest generation by designing products and services that cater to their specific needs. Student credit card is one such solution woven around the needs and necessities of this generation teens. It is designed to cater the needs of students pursuing their education in India and in abroad.…

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Workers’ Compensation: Should You Self-Insure Your Company

Large companies in many states across the US have two choices regarding workers’ compensation benefits they provide for their workers. They can either get the workers’ compensation insurance from an outside insurance agency or do it in-house, through the process of self-insurance. There is a lot to consider when choosing which method best suits your company besides the cost. It’s worth mentioning though that if your company meets all the prerequisites, self-insurance can help cut down costs and still protect you, your workers and your company. If you’re unsure whether…

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