11 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

We’re finally entering the spring months—flowers are slowly starting to bloom, the days are getting longer, and we no longer have to bundle up in our thickest winter coats whenever we go outside. Spring is also the perfect time to rejuvenate your surroundings, making little changes that create a fresh, lively vibe. From creative new decorating strategies to ideas that will help you transform the look of a room without spending a fortune,

Here are eleven fun and effective ways to prepare your home for spring.

1. Chose lighter fabrics for your pillows

Velvet, tweed, and silk pillow covers can look gorgeous, but they also have a “heavy” appearance that doesn’t quite suit the spring months. Consider investing in lighter, thinner pillow covers made from linen or bright printed cotton.

2. Use new scents

Many people love the spicy scent of cinnamon and the festive smell of red berries during the winter, but switching to new scents can help you revel in the arrival of spring. Citrus smells are great choices, but so are floral or green aromas. Some companies even offer scented candles that smell like cut grass! You can celebrate the transition to spring by shopping not only for candles, room sprays, and laundry products.

3. Display lemons

Lemons are a sunny symbol of the warmer, brighter months of the year. They look especially lovely when displayed in the kitchen or the middle of a dining table, ideally in a glass vase or bowl. As a bonus, this decorating trick also means you’ll have a constant supply of lemons on tap when making delicious cocktails or creating marinades for cooking.

4. Make art from pressed flowers

You don’t need finely honed creative skills to make a beautiful piece of art from a favorite spring flower. You can press your chosen flower between two pieces of parchment paper sandwiched between two heavy books. In 7-9 days, the flower will be ready to frame. Experiment with different colors of paper, cardboard, or fabric to create the best backdrop, and then hang your new symbol of spring in a prominent location.

5. Showcase branches as well as flowers

Adding more plants to the house is an obvious way to ensure your home is in tune with the arrival of the warmer months of the year, but consider that Who can also use vases to host branches. Branches bring an extra touch of nature into your living space—the classic choice is cherry blossom branches, but you can also try using eucalyptus or virtually any tree or bush in your yard. Just take a clipping, and place it into a vase with some water.

6. Move the furniture around

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, so why not overhaul all your furniture arrangements? In particular, Who can transform a living room by shifting the sofa, tables, and ornaments? It will feel like a whole new, exciting space—and you won’t have to spend a dime on redecorating.

7. Clean up

The tradition of spring cleaning involves getting rid of things you no longer need and making sure the house looks tidy and beautiful for the brighter months coming your way. Look around your home, and find places where clutter is suppressing the natural appeal of a room—for example, perhaps you’ve got piles of old paperwork, unwanted clothes overflowing from a full wardrobe, and cosmetics that are well past their best. If anything is in decent condition, then give it to a thrift store so someone else can benefit. Meanwhile, in the rest! You’ll feel rejuvenated and satisfied by the newly neat look of your home.

8. Use quirky objects as vases

With so many plants blooming during the spring months, you’ll want to fill your rooms with colorful flowers (along with the gorgeous branches mentioned above). However, it’s fun to move away from the traditional vase and consider what else you might use. Mason jars are popular examples, but there are also less obvious options—colorful boots, tin cans, pots, or painted bottles.

9. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

Spring heralds the start of a wonderful new time for fresh produce, so take advantage of this and look into fantastic spring recipes. Some examples of vegetables that peak this season include artichokes, asparagus, carrots, garlic, lettuce, and spinach—all perfect for a delicious, healthful salad! Meanwhile, look for apricots, mangoes, strawberries, and pineapples if you’re craving fresh fruit. Who can use all of these options to form the basis of a smoothie that’s both refreshing and packed full of vital nutrients?

10. Change your tablecloth

It’s worth going out to buy a cheerful, bright tablecloth so that your dining table represents the optimism of spring. Patterned tablecloths can also be a good choice, especially in a more casual eating space (like a kitchen). You may be surprised by just how dramatically different fabric choices and colors can influence the whole appearance and mood of a room.

11. Create hanging baskets

Finally, you don’t need to buy hanging baskets to take advantage of this trend—by threading rope through the handles and tying a knot at the top; you can repurpose pretty much any basket to hold plants. They immediately make the front of your house look much more inviting and provide a convenient place to showcase vibrant ready-for-spring flowers.

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