Menstrual Period and Exercising – What You Need to Know

Menstrual Period

Your chums probably aren’t your ‘numero uno’ pet exercise mate. Among several females, the cramping, bloated feeling, weariness & tetchiness of our menses often leads to missed or lethargic workout sessions. And still exercising may be the most acceptable defence from those niggling menstrual period signs & symptoms.

  • While exercising our bodies release mood-bolstering b-endorphins to assist in steadying mood vacillations & soothing sore feelings that arise from cramping & headache.
  • While one is perspiring during workouts, one might be shedding some surfeit fluids that accrue, which makes a woman feel bloated during this phase.
  • Also, when blood circulation is boosted, it helps ease some extent of heaviness, cramps felt in the pelvic area.

In case you are one of those women who opt for going with the ‘Flow’, then here are some prudent menstrual period tips.

Shielding your short pants

Shielding your short pants

One could have free movement minus the worries regarding leakages if one opts for the appropriate type of personal shield. The tampon is ideal for active females & liners could provide additional reassurance & keeping one fresh in the panty area.

Giving the girlies a boost

Giving the girlies a boost

Pains & tender feeling in the breasts are pervasive complaints among menstruating women. The jostle jumps & twists while working out could worsen these symptoms. Hence, opt for supporting sports brassiere for offering a lift to the bosoms.

The flattened, compression styled sports brassiere might be more pervasive. However, a mould-type, dual-cup design might have greater efficacy in reducing movements among those who wear them.

Taking the dive

Taking the dive

In case wearing swimsuits when menstruating tends to make you recoil then re-mull. Dipping in the swimming pool would be making one feel light & with greater buoyancy, irrespective of whether it is revitalizing swimming or unwinding floating. Tampons would be offering plentiful shielding, however, ensure changing your shield prior to & post swimming.

Being Alert to your Body’s Needs

Being Alert to your Body’s Needs

Your menses can be major energy-zapper & stifling stamina, hence ensure being heedful about your bodily signs that resting is the need of the hour and reducing your regular regime, slowing down on cardio routines for focusing on stretches or keep workout brief while one is not feeling up to the mark.

Best Exercises During On-going Menstrual Period

According to the ACOG recommendation, taking walks & doing aerobics exercise forms like cycling or swimming can reduce menses cramping. Additionally, stretching exercises are a productive means to cope with menstrual period pains.

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For instance, lying down on the back with bended knees and then gradually pulling knees towards the trunk & holding till a count of 5, lowering feet progressively back to the ground. The use of fitness balls could even help with the stretching moves.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

Yoga positions can offer a notable reprieve from bothersome menstrual period symptoms. For instance, Cobra Pose might help alleviate back rigidity, be a stress-buster & fight menstrual abnormalities. This could be carried out by:

  • Lying flat on the ground on the stomach whilst resting head on the lower arm areas.
  • Raising the temples & looking upwards while pulling your arms backwards.
  • The elbow areas must point directly to the back of yourself with hands placed on the ground next to the body & weight rested on the trunk.
  • The torso is to be raised with a backwards motion that should proceed from chin & neck.
  • The tummy is to be moved further backwards as though some person is lugging the arms, allowing the lower back to do most of the job.
  • Placing hand, arm areas next to the trunk on the floor sans affecting the back curve.
  • Arms are to be stretched so that they form a ninety-degree angle to the ground.
  • It is relaxing the lower back, butts & scapulas low.


Meditating could even be effectual as it helps to relax the body.

  • To start meditation, stop any form of distraction & opt for a unique, silent location for this purpose & finding a seated pose one is most comfortable with.
  • Keeping the eyes opened, however, not focused & mouth kept opened to a slight extent.
  • Attempt finding a state of quiet attentiveness. Begin doing meditation for 4-5 minutes at an instant, however aiming for meditating around twenty minutes, two times every day, in case doable.

Pelvic Rocking Exercises

These could also offer reprieve and can be performed by:

  • You are getting on the ground on your fours with complete extension & straightening of arms.
  • Ensure back is straightened & parallel-wise to the ground with tummy drawn inwards.
  • Gradually relaxing low back & allowing pelvic area in tilting forwards in a comfortable manner.
  • Holding the pose for some seconds & then moving back to the initial, lesser comfortable positioning.
  • Repeating cycle gradually, use merely the lower section of the body and then working upwards from twenty-five to seventy-five reps.


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