34 Menopause Symptoms

Over seventy percent of women nearing the menopausal phase experience a number of the classical 34 menopause symptoms explained below. Virtually all females observe early signs while they are still menstruating.

These 34 menopause symptoms generally endure for the entire menopause flux till they are in their mid-fifties; however, for several women, it could be life-long.

34 Menopause Symptoms:

1. Hot/cold flashes or flushes

Hotcold flashes or flushes

An estimated eighty-five percent of menopausal women in the U.S. experience hot flashes wherein they feel an abrupt, temporary feeling of warmness or heat spanning the body and creates reddishness or facial/ upper body flushing. Lower estrogen hormone production is the reason why the body in response creates hot flashes.

2. Nocturnal hyperhidrosis

Also known as night sweats wherein several women suffer from hot flashes during the night times. It is prevalent perspiration or sweating condition occurring while asleep.

3. Erratic Menstrual Cycles

Erratic Menstrual Cycles

Erratic or irregular periods are commonly noted among women in the mid-40s when approaching menopause. Hormonal fluctuations or lowered estrogen production is the key reason.

4. Diminished Sex drive

Diminished Sex is driverless in sex drive or libido wherein a woman perceives lack of desire in sex.

5. Dryness in Vagina

Dryness in Vagina

Loss in vaginal moistness, elasticity are often noted when there is a plummet in estrogen levels. This leads to lesser vaginal lubrication making sexual contact discomforting and more susceptibility to infections, vaginal itchiness, and irritation.

6. Moodiness and Tetchiness

Mood upheavals could be abrupt, strong, and uncontrollable.

7. Weariness


Feeling fatigued is the most prevalent sign of menopause which is on-going and a lasting sense of feeling weak, tired, and sapped energy levels.

8. Overall body hair loss, facial hair growth

Estrogen deficit could lead to abrupt or eventual thinning and loss of hair throughout the body.

9. Insomnia


Sleeplessness could be linked to menopause which increases two folds from what a woman experienced in the premature menopausal phase. Insomnia could or could not be accompanied by night sweats. Studies have shown that sleep disorder could surface nearly 5-7 years prior to becoming menopausal.

10. Lack of attentiveness, disoriented, Mentally dazed

In early menopause, women sense problems in recollection, sensing mental blockage or issues concentrating, and even feeling perplexed or mentally confused.

11. Distressing Memory lapses

Distressing Memory lapses

Memory loss or lapses in memory that occurs frequently is mostly noted in women nearing menopause and linked to depleted estrogen levels and being stressed out.

12. Giddiness, feeling light-headed, lost balance

A transitory sense of giddiness, feeling unsteady or incapable of maintaining a balanced stance when one stands or walks.

13. Weight increase among menopausal women

Weight increase among menopausal women

The weight is gained in the midriff area is another sign of hormonal variations and due to sluggish metabolism.

14. Incontinence

The inability of holding urine while one sneezes, coughs, laughs, or unconsciously urine seepage is a condition known as incontinence often affecting menopausal women.

15. Abrupt short periods of bloating

Abrupt short periods of bloating

Feeling gassy, bloated, and discomforting sensations that are an intermittent rise in the fluid being retained and abdomen distending.

16. Surge in allergy

Several allergies have their roots in hormonal imbalance which are noted during menopause.

17. Variations in Nail texture

Variations in Nail texture

Variations in nails like becoming more brittle, easily chipping, and getting softer are most noted during menopause.

18. Variations in Body odor

During menopause, there could be variations in body odor.

19. Spells of hastened heartbeats

Spells of hastened heartbeats

Short periods of hastened cardiac beats are noted which develop abruptly and unexpectedly and partly accounting for sleep disorders in perimenopausal women.

20. Depression

Depression or mood fluctuations for prolonged spans of time linked to lost overall interest in routine tasks and going into a shell, sleep, and eating problems.

21. Nervousness


Feeling anxious, agitated, lost emotional control that recurs among menopausal women.

22. Irritable Behaviour

Irritable behavior lasting over a week’s time and has an impact on daily functioning.

23. Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder

A considerable incapacitating emotional state typified by an overwhelming sense of trepidations and anxiousness occurring as one or recurrent episodes often life-disrupting in nature.

24. Tender Breasts

During menopause, there could be painful, sore, or tender sensations in a single or both breasts.

25. Menopausal headaches

Menopausal headaches

An estrogen plummet could lead to hormone elicited headaches that are felt on a regular basis and even worsen in the initial menopause stages.

26. Joint and muscular aches

Inexplicable tendon, muscular and joint aches, and pains are prevalent signs of menopause with over half of the women in their post-menopausal phase sensing diverse levels of joint aches.

27. Burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome

A compound, niggling condition characterized by burning sensations felt within the mouth with no perceivable symptoms of irritation.

28. Sub-dermal Electrical Pulse Sensations

An odd electrical snapping sensation felt in-between muscle and skin which could be associated with the outcome of variable estrogen levels on nerve tissues that could be a sign of imminent hot flashes.

29. Indigestion, gastrointestinal issues

Indigestion, gastrointestinal issues

Indigestion, feeling gassy, and nauseous could arise during menopause due to alterations in gastrointestinal functioning.

30. Gum issues with greater blood loss

Bleeding gums that could become sore, puffy, and swell up could develop during menopause.

31. Muscle tensing

Muscle tensing

Muscular aches and pains could be sensed all through the body linked to sore and stiff muscles. This muscle and tension build-up has been noted to develop during menopause.

32. Skin dryness and itchiness

A proportional slackening collagen production alongside plummeting estrogen production leads to skin flakiness, dryness, itchiness, and appearing sallow.

33. Inexplicable Tingling sensation in extremities

Inexplicable Tingling sensation in extremities

Tingling felt in the extremities alike some insect crawling over the skin’s surface or extremities falling asleep that could be relieved by changing body stance.

34. Osteoporosis

A dip in estrogen production could lead to decreased bone density and mass which causes bones to weaken and thin out leading to a degenerative bone condition known as osteoporosis.

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