Mastering and Leveraging Technology in Virtual Sales Pitching

Zoom calls are ubiquitous in today’s workplace. Naturally, remote workers love to incorporate custom virtual backgrounds. Besides concealing undesirable clutter in a home office, these backgrounds can help project a sense of professionalism and solidify brand recognition. This short guide explains how you can use a branded Zoom background to boost your chances of success during virtual sales pitches.

Build an Engaging Virtual Presence

How can a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet background image contribute to your brand image in virtual spaces? The first key lies in the type of image you use. The Golden Gate Bridge or that gorgeous sunrise over Phoenix may be stunning to behold. But unless they’re deliberately chosen for their associations with your brand, you may be better off with another background style. Images like these, while attractive, can distract participants a little from your meeting’s agenda.

Logo-branded backgrounds that successfully accomplish their purposes have a few attributes in common. First, you’ll probably notice many that depict modern office environments: personal office spaces, workrooms, lounges and conference rooms. These images also tend to exhibit minimalist aesthetics with clean lines and some open spaces. They’re attractive without being distracting.

The open spaces and sleek looks of these backgrounds have another purpose: displaying and emphasizing your logo branding. Many include a partially blank viewer-facing wall where your company’s logo can be effortlessly integrated. It’s easier for your clients to connect with your brand when it’s displayed prominently behind you or over your head. You gain a significant brand-building opportunity just as if you were physically in your corporate office — something you can’t get with Nyan Cat floating around behind you.

Ask Questions and Solicit Feedback When Possible

Of course, your logo-branded background is simply meant to contribute to your overall presentation. Meanwhile, you must do the important work of engaging with your client. Both your environment and interpersonal interactions should make the client feel at ease and motivated to choose your product.

Just as you would in your physical corporate office, take time during your virtual meeting to ask clients questions and take note of their feedback. You want to keep them interested, listening d talking. Technology makes these interactions possible. The goal is to make the most of communicating with clients in your virtual spaces.

Selecting Your Virtual Backgrounds

Branded virtual backgrounds offer clear advantages: brand recognition, improved engagement and an improved air of professionalism in virtual meeting spaces. Creating your own is incredibly easy. The best part? You don’t need to be a graphic design expert. You don’t need to invest a lot of money to find one: You can even get Zoom Office backgrounds free.

Providers such as Zoom Virtual Office offer extensive libraries of these backgrounds plus user-friendly personalization tools. All you need to do is upload a logo image file with a transparent background. The provider does all the work for you, placing your logo seamlessly in the background. Within a few minutes, you’ll have a downloadable image ready to use.

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