How to Zoom in on a PC?

If you want to zoom in on a PC, then you are provided with several tips that you can prefer at your convenience. You can find how to zoom in on a pc.

Many people watch essential videos and don’t get the exact text details mentioned in that video. For that, you will have to follow some crucial steps to zoom the video to bring the scenes closer to you. You just need to use some powerful tools of ways to access the zoom process.

How to zoom in on a Windows PC?

This zoom-in process also allows you to access a web browser or even use a built-in magnifier tool. First, let’s talk about the process of zoom in on a PC on the web.

Zoom process in a web on your PC:

Zoom process in a web on your PC

If you want to have a closer look at your screen’s details on your web, you need to follow these steps.

  • At first, it is essential to know that you can prefer any web browser as per your choice. There are several options available for you. And the process of zoom in is the same for any web browsers.
  • Now, make sure to open your specific browser on your PC.
  • To zoom in and out to get the details of your screen, you can use the shortcut process with the help of keyboards. You can simply hold CTRL and then press the + key to zoom in on your screen.
  • Now, hold the CTRL button and the key to proceed to the zoom out process.
  • You can easily zoom in and out several levels.
  • There is the option of zoom command, which you can also command for the zoom in and out process in the browser menu.

Zoom process with the Magnifier App:


The other way to get a zoomed screen is with a magnifier app from the Start menu.

With the magnifier app’s help, magnifying details begin with the desktop zoomed and allowed to zoom in out to 200%.

You will find the magnifier control option at the top left side of the desktop, and from there, you can control the magnifying process according to your convenience.

When you can find the magnifier, then make sure to use the + and -buttons to proceed with the zoom in and out process.

This is the most effective and most straightforward way to get the zoom screen of the details.

If you want to stop the magnifier app, then you can control the zoom level. Or make sure to close the magnifier app or programs by clicking Windows + ESC.

Users can also get help from the video editor to process the video zoom functions such as Movavi Video editor.

Moravia video editor is an effective way to zoom out the video screen as it is a multifunctional video editing and processing tool that allows you to zoom the screen quickly and very easily. This editor tool provides effective and convenient ways to zoom the screen and apply it.

This video editor is a convenient way to perform several editing processes like adding titles, audios, transitions, and zooming on the specific video by trimming process. Users can easily save the output of the zoomed screen or the editing with 180 media formats.

With this application’s help, users can easily access and get the details of the screen by zooming process. This step is the easiest step which you can prefer the most. If you don’t want to use any application help, then other essential and more manageable steps will allow your screen to zoom in and out as per your requirements.


Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to see the details which are on the screen. Mainly, the screen shows the details or other information in very small font size, and persons don’t easily be able to see the text mentioned clearly.

If you want to focus on a specific text and want to zoom in to see clearly to extract every crucial word mentioned, you need to follow some effective steps. Several processes will allow you to see the text very clearly in a magnified way if you are working on a PC and want to focus on your details, whether in video or documents.

There is an effective and easier way to zoom a video to bring the scenes nearer to the viewer to easily get what is written in the video.

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