Love Sending Out Handwritten Notes? Try Handwrytten!

Who doesn’t like handwritten notes, right? Hand-written notes come across as genuine and heartfelt andare the purest form of love. They are the most beautiful way of conveying your messages to your loved ones and it will make them think: “you actually took out time to write this for me?”

Be it a congratulatory letter or a love letter an invitation or thank you notes, when you sit and take your time to think about it thoroughly and write it, it turns out beautiful and wholesome.

Now when you actually think about sitting down to write notes by hand you may think how time-consuming it will be, because, with laptops and smartphones, it has become easier and faster to type instead of writing by hand. While typing may be faster and more convenient, handwriting is always better. But in today’s fast-paced world no one has time to sit and write. So, what should you do? This is where Handwrytten comes in.

Introduction to Handwrytten:

Handwrytten is a leading handwritten note and cards service. They write notes in beautiful handwriting with the help of robotic handwriting machines that use an actual pen to write the messages. Handwrytten was founded in 2014 and has sent over 3.5 million notes and cards up till now written by over 150 robots. A single Handwrytten robot is capable of writing about 1,000 notes per day and there are more robots in making. So, you can imagine how great Handwrytten is for sending handwritten notes in bulk.

Great packages:

Speaking of which, they have pricing options for any budget, so if you’re planning on sending notes in bulk, they offer bulk discounts and alsosubscription plans, all you have to do is just sign in.Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the best time to send out those greeting cards and avail your bulk discounts.

Some amazing features:

Let’s talk about some awesome features of Handwrytten. Handwrytten can replicate your handwriting and signature. You can add logos and graphics,they offer different templates for quick correspondence. You can even schedule your notes for the future so you never miss any important occasion. There’s no compromise on quality as they use luxury cardstock for such a lowprice.They also offer gift cards to over 20 brands that you can add with your notes.

Did you say you’re traveling?

Say no more! Handwrytten has it’s very own iPhone and Android apps which makes it super easy to send notes and cards with just a few clicks. They have all the features in their app so you can send out your love in the form of letters on the go!

Now that you’ve read this post, you know why it’s best to use Handwrytten to send handwritten notes to your loved ones.

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