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News Web Zone is a high podium for high-quality guest posts that offer backlinks for your website addresses and blogs. It is also helpful for websites and blogs. The backlinks will be beneficial for your personalized websites and blogs. It is to rank the websites higher and also improve the Domain Authority of the websites.

A significant number of backlinks on your website will increase the viewers for the site. If you are looking forward to contributing or publish your content through the platform of News Web Zone, then make sure you do it with complete confidence.

Reviewing and editing every article and blog ensures that they maintain the standards and remain competitive compared to the social market.

Your contribution is heartily welcome as we prefer human input through mind and task. Remember and be alert that blog content is published once your article will stay for a lifetime. We will never remove the post from the website.

Article Requirements

Each Topic should be relevant and according to the interest of the readers. Avid readers demand good content, and they do not prefer reading low-grade posts. It, in turn, decreases the popularity and viewers of the website. This piece must be organic and also exclusive in demand for ABCD.

Google News

We take care of every post with much care and alertness. We don’t ever publish or accept copied contents or in print information already there on the internet.

It is not that we publish whatever we get. We assess the content and run the standard check through every line of the post to ensure that you have abode by all the regulations and rules of the editorial standards.

Reviewing submissions is done every alternate day. The process of publishing takes over 24-48 hours. It is when your payment is done and processed completely.

The published content, article, or blog should be over 600+ words to about 700+ words in length. The relevant links are also encouraged in the section if you happen to prefer one. The addition of featured images, although encouraged and accepted in posts affiliate links, backlinks are not allowed anyhow.

It is always mandatory that you resize images to about 1200*800 dimensions. It provides excellent quality to the content as well as gives a fantastic display to the picture.

Observation of any copyright or usage restrictions in regards to images, pictures obtain permission for use. You can also cite the source of the image in the content. It is about being transparent at work.

Before submitting an article, ensure you run the content through Grammarly and plagiarism check so that no issue emerges. All right are reserved by News Web Zone to edit and adapt the submission to meet the standards of the editorial board.

News Web Zone values your effort, so we never remove the post you have requested with us as it involves human effort and labor mixed with the passion for writing. Thus no article will be removed once posted on the website.

Write for us Topic

We accept finance, beauty, Health, Technology, SEO, Travel, Education, Fashion, Wedding, Business, and many other categories. You must add all types here and also write 100 words for each Topic.

You must also go through the instructions or check previous samples to get a rough idea about how to “write for us” on various niche and multiple topics like a pro.

You can also keep subheads (5-6 in numbers) to maintain parity among the content. It also increases the good looks of the material.


While choosing upon the business niche, you will come across many innovative topics. Our focus is mainly on sales, marketing, business management, motivation, success points, Inspiration, spirituality, and life on the whole.

Apart from all these, we also include articles on Business startups, new projects, entrepreneurship, costing, and accounting. We also encourage and welcome pieces that look informative, interesting, and inspiring. In addition to this, we also prefer using articles upon personal as well as positive reviews.

We want to help the readers feel inspired, encouraged and also write with triggering instinct. We discourage the long quotes, your additional points, or the information we are looking for.

Home improvements

If you are passionate about home articles, blogs, or home stories, here you are in the right place. You can “write for us” on various home improvement articles. We only accept those articles which are related to the following topics:

Interior designs, home decor, Furniture DIY home decor, garden, and planning, home renovation are the topics for writing. You can write a guide or story-related topics on any of the issues. If you cannot find the Topic, it must be something that is not meant for News Web Zone.


We at ABCD encourage posts from you relating to the categories which come under health categories. Compelling posts from guests can enrich the categories like mindfulness, healthcare, health tips, healthy lLifestylefestyle, yoga workout, and wellness to “write for us.”

You can write an article that relates to the categories. More Healthy, compelling guest posts on Health, Fitness, Medical, Wellness, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, workout, yoga, mindfulness, healthcare, health tips, and various categories topics to “write for us.” Do you have expertise on a topic that you’d love to share with our audience?

These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so you can “write for us” so the business and financial growth goes on consequently. Writing for us is going to grow our economic outreach. Promoting the business through link building and many more is the focus. Apart from this, other niches are-

Disease, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, standardized matters, and so on. Please note that there are drug-related articles and articles for adult websites also.


If you are a travel freak and frantic and love to travel, here you have the best travel article to write for us. We encourage the best topics and current ones. We invite you to submit a guest post to The Travelling Souk and prefer accepting unique and helpful original articles for ardent readers. The favorite themes are about the destination which we do for you.

It helps us share the most valuable content from the writers, especially those who love to write on useful travel blogs and exciting cases.

  • Things we include in travel blogs or posts are enlisted below:
  • “Things to do” consists of the list of things to do for a specific destination
  • “What to Eat” consists of the varieties of food and drink recommendations for a distinct destination
  • “Where to Stay” consists of the accommodation as well as the requests for a destination
  • Travel planning tips include packing tips, budget travel tips, international travel tips
  • Travel gift guides, best travel gifts that give the perfect record through a piece of content

Lifestylefestyle and Fashion

Suppose you are an expert, a professional, or a newbie person who has an immense interest in daily lifestyles and fashion statements here. In that case, you can express your best through the platform of News Web Zone. You can “write for us” on articles relatLifestylefestyle and fashion, which is suitable to be an added advantage for those who follow fashion blogs and articles for better outreach of knowledge.

Here we welcome you with your best-proven ideas to shape the beat features through our blog posts and many more.


We encourage writers in the best-researched topics when it comes to education. Thus we look for teachers, professors, students, Ph.D. scholars, educational consultants, psychologists to write upon the niche so that readers benefit from the written topics. We look for write-ups that increase the students’ interest, and they share the posts more and more.


We inspire and encourage writers for marketing niche who enhance the reputation of the leaders in the digital marketing niche and are passionate about their subject. We at News Web Zone help readers to explore insightful leadership in every article. We try to be the key influencer of the industry.

Content is the king, and the writers are its show-stoppers. We promote a particular brand recognition reputation through the marketing niche, boosting up the status in the long run.

Apart from only general topics, we prefer articles on SEO, SEM, online branding, Adwords, PPC, Ad campaigns and promotion, SEO tools, trends and guidelines, research of keywords and digital marketing case studies, tips, and techniques upon digital marketing strategies.


The primary community for web designers and developers makes us feel proud at ABCD for cutting-edge designs and the topics. It is where we discuss the best work in progress. The sharing of knowledge, tips, and tricks will praise everything under the energetic and resourceful network.

We are always looking for new web content writers to accumulate new ideas from them upon the best possible niches with passionate designers who successfully express themselves contributing to the field of experts.


We encourage the appreciating works of the technology through bloggers and businesses with the best valuable content to publish the content. At News Web Zone, we promote excellent and informative content through our websites and other social media channels. With us, you can also reach out to different audiences who can actively help in promoting your write-up on our platform.

We accept Technology blogs. Those who want to increase the definite increase of the brand, technological enthusiasts, relate a story about new digital marketing niches, and many more.

About your link

The link you look to promote must hold relevance to the blog post as well as the niche. Topics that are out of the links will not be accepted. After you finish off your articles, you can include a short author’s bio within 100 words with a maximum inclusion of 1 anchor text link to the website.

Apart from all these, we offer you the best and impressive collection of content promoting the post.

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