Selfie Beauty Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Summer Selfie

If you want to show off your gorgeous selfies, either from home or your holiday destination, try a few tricks that will take them to the next level this summer.

Capturing the perfect selfie is always hard, but during the summertime, sweating and lighting issues can make it even more difficult to achieve. Discover the makeup and technology secrets that can definitely take your selfie game to the next level.

Find out how to take the perfect summer selfie, and decide for yourself if these tips and tricks add something to the selfie experience. With or without a selfie stick, here’s what you need to do for gorgeous selfies in the warmer months of the year.

How to Take the Perfect Summer Selfie

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

With or without makeup, dry skin will always show up in your selfies and you’ll waste a lot of time trying to correct the problem with filters. When you plan on taking selfies, make sure that you use an extra-hydrating moisturizer and follow it up with a liquid foundation that will stay put even if you end up sweating.

Stick to Cream Products

Most powders should be banished from your summer beauty and makeup routine anyway, but sticking to cream will help you take the perfect summer selfie. From eyeshadow to blush, banish the powder powders and replace them with cream versions, particularly if you plan on skipping any filters on your selfies.

Don’t Forget the Blotting Paper

Since translucent powder is not the recommended way to deal with shine in the summer, blotting paper is a must. If you think you’ve gotten rid of all the shine and know your complexion looks too dull in your selfies, then bring back some moisture with a hydrating facial mist that won’t mess with your makeup, but add a gorgeous dewy finish.

Control Your Shimmer

While too shimmer on your face can be bad, if you want to take the perfect summer selfie, you won’t forget to give your neck and collarbone a touch of sheen. The only powder allowed in your makeup is for your neck and cleavage, and it should be a shimmering powder that will definitely add a lot to your glowing look in your selfies.

Choose the Right Lighting

The best light for selfies is in the early morning or late afternoon. Too much sunlight can be overpowering for your complexion. The flash should always be off, especially when you’re taking indoor selfies. If you want some extra light, you can use an umbrella light without the actual umbrella. “It’s not a makeup light. It’s a light that I got off E-Bay or something. It’s like an umbrella with a light, and you take the umbrella off and it’s just a bright light,” Kylie Jenner told Teen Vogue about her perfect selfies.

Don’t Skip the Mascara

You can’t take the perfect summer selfie without some great definition on your eyes. The lack of mascara is particularly noticeable in selfies taken in very bright light. You should consider a curling mascara, or simply curling your eyelashes before adding a bit of volume with a good mascara, which should definitely be waterproof if you’re at the pool or at the beach.

Find the Right Angle

You already know that having your head titled at a slight angle from the camera can help you create a better selfie that looking straight at it. If your nose is curved  then you should take the selfie from the side where the nose is curved towards. For a slimming effect, raise your phone above your head to create a 45 degree angle for a great selfie.

Forget About Burst Mode

Taking a long series of selfies in a row and then choosing the one you like the most is not the way to take the perfect summer selfie. Instead, focus on keeping your camera steady and leave the autofocus enough time to recalibrate between shots.

Lose the Pout

Puckering your lips too much won’t result in a better selfie. Instead of trying to achieve an exaggerated facial expression, focus on your smile. You’ll end up with much better selfies.

Use the Right App

Another secret of the perfect selfie is post-production. While you can take the perfect summer selfie with Instagram filters or just in-camera effects, you should try a special app. Kim Kardashian and all her sisters use the free Perfect365 Makeover app according to Us Weekly, but there are many other free apps that deserve a try, including RetricaYouCam Perfect and VSCO Cam.

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