How To Rotate Videos On Iphone And Put Them In The Correct Orientation

It sure happened to you that you wanted to turn a video on iPhone and you did not know how to do it. Occasionally we record badly some video that interests us, and then we do not know what to do with it since it is rotate videos on iPhone at a 90-degree angle. Recording a video vertically when it had to be horizontal is the most common.

Do you record a video horizontally but the iPhone does not rotate the interface and record it vertically? We teach you how to rotate videos on iPhone in a very simple way. However, with an iOS app, we can do it.

It usually happens more than we want, but many times we record a video in vertical, wanting to record it horizontally. Moreover, is that many times we press the record button before the iPhone adapts the camera to the position in which we want to capture the video.

This translates into a horizontal video that looks vertical … right?

It has happened to us recently and then we leave you the capture of it.

Wanting to see him in his ideal position is almost impossible. You put it horizontally and the video rotates and you see it in vertical …

How to rotate videos on iPhone

Before you start, you should know, in case you already have the application installed, that iMovie could also rotate videos on iPhone. The steps are quite simple, and you can rotate a video 90 degrees to the right or left, although it is important to know that this process requires that you have installed the latest version of the app and the latest version of iOS.

To rotate videos from iMovie to iOS, follow these steps:

With the project open in iMovie for iOS, scroll through the temporal control until the video you want to rotate appears in the viewer.

In the viewfinder, use two fingers to make the movement to turn left or right.

When a white arrow appears, it means that the video has been rotate videos on iPhone 90 degrees, although it is quite possible that it still takes a few seconds to refresh the screen, especially if it is a 4K or long-duration video.

Now you only have to repeat this process as many times as you want to turn the video. What is easy to flip videos on iPhone with iMovie?

This other option requires an application. You will have to download the Video Rotate application from the App Store completely free of charge:

Now, follow the steps below:

  • Open the application and select the video from the gallery. The app itself filters through videos, so it will be quite comfortable for you.
  • At the top right, pressSelect“.
  • Now, at the bottom, rotate left, right, or flip the video horizontally or vertically.
  • Now press “Export“.
  • A pop-up dialog will open. Select: “Compatible with iOS and Quicktime.”
  • Now choose the “Save Video” option to export it to your gallery.
  • Once finished the rendering of the video, it will show a message “Finish“.
  • Ready. You already have your video turned on the iPhone and you can find it in the photo gallery.

This method has been very useful for me, especially when recording a video lying down since the accelerometer and gyroscope become a little crazy and record as they wish.

This application to rotating videos on iPhone is completely free, although if you want to eliminate advertising and help the developers of this app, you can optionally pay and the ads will disappear.

What do you think about this application to rotating videos from your iPhone without using a Mac or professional editing software?

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