The Indispensable And Free Iphone Apps For The Holidays

Free Iphone Apps
Free Iphone Apps

If for some, vacation rhymes with disconnection, for others, however, it is impossible to separate from their precious iPhone. And for a good reason, having your smartphone near you during the holidays can be life-saving. Provided you have the right applications. The editorial staff of has selected for you the essential and free iPhone applications to move, make themselves understood, keep in touch with your loved ones, or even deal with emergencies during the holidays.


Difficult to go on a trip without taking a map with you. Exit the paper road map or the Spiral Road Atlas that your parents used, you can now rely on your iPhone to guide you. Google Ma psis an essential application that will allow you to walk as well as drive since it integrates full navigation with voice guidance. You can even plan to use public transport.

The app is indeed able to provide a precise route in 15,000 cities around the world. If the use of mobile Internet abroad is prescribed for you, it is always possible to turn to MAPS.ME, a solution that allows you to save the cards locally merely. The app works perfectly without being connected to the Internet and can calculate routes and access very detailed data without roaming charges.

Those planning to use the car primarily will turn to Waze and Here WeGo. These two GPS navigation are free and have already proven themselves to thousands of users. The choice between the two will be made according to your ability to use 3G / 4G, Waze only working if an Internet connection is available, unlike Here WeGo which allows you to load cards from around the world locally before you leave.

Convert currencies and units

If you go abroad, you may need a currency converter, but also groups. How much are 78 dollars in euros? How many liters is a gallon of gas? If you cannot answer either of these two questions, you can always ask your iPhone to do the conversions for you. Currency Free is responsible for converting currencies from all over the world into your money of reference. The application updates exchange rates at each launch to offer you the most accurate equivalent amount possible.

If you have a concern in converting an original unit of measure, Cabot will be the perfect companion. In addition to saving units of measure and currencies, the application has a calculator with actual calculations performed.

Have an international bank account

For those who wish to leave national borders, it is probably more prudent to bring with you an adequate means of payment. Number 26 offers you to create a free bank account in a few minutes by making a videophone call and by showing your passport with your white paw. Once this step is completed, you can request the sending of a bank card that you manage entirely from the dedicated application on your iPhone: reloading the account using a transfer, real-time expense management, etc.

Number 26 is an excellent solution if you are looking for a Master Card and want to withdraw cash at no extra cost. This system can also be very convenient to avoid taking all your savings on a trip, with all the risks that this entails. Another possibility open to you, open an account from the Revolution application.

Like Number 26, Revolution is a mobile bank that allows you to create an account in minutes, get a virtual MasterCard bank card in the process, the physical version being sent to you by mail within a few days. The primary asset of Revolution, the ability to transfer funds and convert them on the fly in euros, pounds, or dollars, all at the current rate. Be careful, however; it will provide to feed these accounts by transfer at least two days before you can dispose of it as you see fit. Note that it is possible, with these two applications, to disable your credit card when you do not need it for more security.

Manage expenses with friends

Everyone knows proper accounts make good friends. Going on vacation with the usual group of buddies can quickly turn into a headache when the time of the reports has come. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, and mainly not to be always the same ones who advance the expenses for the others, Split wise proposes to you to record the regulations/payments of each participant.

So, at the end of the stay, the app can tell you the total amount spent, but also who paid what. Split wise also know what everyone owes to others based on the spend and is also available on Android and online where accounts are synced with the app.

Take transport

Do you plan to use public transportation during your holidays? You will probably need an application to help you find the best routes. City Mapper can be used in many cities around the world and will allow you to plan routes by mixing all possible transport combinations: metros, trains, buses, self-service bikes, and even taxis and VTCs. For each requested course, City Mapper suggests an optimal way and offers alternative methods.

In the same vein, Transit offers routes from the means of transportation around you. The app is available in 90 cities around the world and even works without an internet connection. Finally, if you want to move more comfortably, the unfishableUber will allow you to find in just a few minutes a driver to drive you where you want without having to worry about the mode of payment.

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