How to Hide a Baby Bump

When you’re not ready to share the big news with the world, it’s important to use a few simple tricks to hide your baby bump. Here are the most effective ones.

Hiding your baby in the first trimester can be easy, if you choose the right style advice to pull it off. Even before the actual baby bump is visible, you might notice a pre-bump, caused by hormones and bloating. Stay on top of your fashion choices to keep your secret until you’re ready to share it with everyone.

Find out how to hide a baby bump, without resorting to the super obvious empire waistline, that will actually draw attention to your belly and get people talking. Whether you put on more weight in the first trimester or the second, your breasts will grow, so make sure that you’re getting the right bra before thinking how to conceal the baby bump.

Try Shapewear

The right way to conceal your baby bump with shapewear is by getting products specifically aimed at pregnant women. Specifically designed for your changing body, pregnancy shapewear can help you still fit into all your clothes without looking like you’ve gained too much weight.

Go for Draping

One of the traditional answers to the question of hide a baby bump is a little draping in the right place. When it comes to your torso, a draped dress can help conceal your growing belly, especially when you’re trying to look your best.

Rock Color Blocking

Playing with colors is very important when you’re trying to keep your pregnancy a secret for now. Darker shades in your tummy area are a must, and color blocking is a great way to achieve that. Stick to bright colors near your face and go for dark colors in the belly area. Ombre tops can be the perfect way to hide your growing figure.

Pick the Right Top

Drawing attention away from your tummy is easy with the right top. Keeping your proportions balanced means that a flowy top should be paired with a fitted bottom, but that’s not the only way to keep the baby bump hidden away. Dropping your neckline also helps, drawing attention away from your mid-section and towards your neck and face. Try everything from peasant blouses to V-necks to make it work.

Find Mirrored Prints

When a print is mirrored vertically, you’ll achieve a great slimming effect. Look for tops with a dark color at the center of your torso and printed sides that are perfectly mirrored. This effect will help you keep the big news to yourself for longer, but just like empire waistlines, it can be a clue that you’re pregnant for your more attentive friends and co-workers.

Try a Wide Belt

When you’re wondering hide a baby bump, don’t be afraid to go for wide belts. The trick to making the belt work for you is wearing it at the thinnest part of your waist. That way, your belly won’t be the focus of attention, overshadowed by your bold belt. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors, but in order to keep your tummy hidden, it’s better to opt for darker tops and lighter belts.

Wear the Right Blazer

Boyfriend blazers are the best way to help keep your baby bump concealed. If you hate the boxy look and want something more fitted, make sure that it’s flared in the right place. A short blazer with a touch of flare at the bottom can be very flattering, especially when worn over a dark skirt or pants.

Pick the Perfect Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are an obvious answer to the question of hide a baby bump, but they’re not all equally effective. Loose sundresses are a good fit for summer, but you should focus on printed maxi dresses to keep your tummy from showing.

Accessorize Correctly

Adding a scarf to your look can also help, whether it’s drawing attention to your neckline or literally hiding the baby bump with a vertical line. Pick the right accessories, from earring and necklaces to brooches or hair accessories. Big rings and bracelets will draw attention to your midriff when you’re standing, so be wary of them when you know you’ll be on your feet for a long time.

Grab an Oversized Purse

One of the most classic ways to hide a baby bump is also one of the most effective. An oversized purse can be the obstacle that’s keeping your tummy hidden away from view. Even if you don’t need it to keep your belly out of sight, get used to it, as you’ll be handling big bags for a long time once the baby arrives.

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