Best Tips to Look Attractive In All Stages of Pregnancy with Maternity Clothing

It could one of the most emotionally fulfilling experiences for any woman on the planet and it could be also one of those depressing times of life when you feel that utter sense of insufficiency.

Yeah, right, the insufficiency is because you do not feel beautiful, and that is the result of you being not looking beautiful. And but why do you feel so? It is because you are so large and monstrous, but cannot you look beautiful during pregnancy? Well, I am saying, how about looking beautifully large!

Here I am going to share some tips about looking beautiful during those 9 months, and remember, these are not timeless ideas; actually, they are absolute earthly ideas, and I guess beauty is also a worldly affair because I have never seen a beautiful alien in any of those movies, so, let’s keep it simple. Yeah, that is the very first tip.

Keep it simple in the first trimester:

Maternity Clothing

During the first trimester, you do not have to think much about your style or clothing because you can simply use your regular jeans and trousers. You do not have to change your wardrobe drastically. Of course, you might want to get the belly band to in case your trouser does not allow you to fit into them. And keep in mind that you should not be going for those favorite body-hugging and the tight pair of jeans.

Change your wardrobe in the second trimester:

During the second trimester your belly starts to expand, and now, your old jeans will not be able to accommodate you, and this is the time when you should be thinking of adding some clothes that are designed for mamas. Well, I can understand that you would not feel like investing money to buy clothes that you would not even wear them for a year.

Of course, I had the same feeling, the sense of guilt. But I would suggest, you better get rid of that notion and invest some money in buying some staple like maternity jeans, tops, maxi dress, floor-length gowns, and leggings.

  • Maternity Jeans: It is not a nice feeling to squeeze into your old jeans when your belly is popping out. Ideally, you should be avoiding those jeans and getting maternity jeans that are designed to support your belly; these jeans are more like the low waist jeans with the stretchable jersey material panel to support the belly.
  • Maxi Dress: The maxi dresses are perfect dresses to hide the baby bump, these dresses give space for the growing tummy and they are light, soft and comfortable. It will make sense to buy one or two of those maxi dresses or floor length gowns to get stylish but with a sense subtlety.
  • Wrap dresses: The wrap dresses are superb for maternity because you can adjust them using dress ties. The skirts are still best choices because they provide enough ventilation to your body that is experiencing fluctuating body temperature due to pregnancy.

Get a little more comfortable in the third trimester:

This is the most exciting phase of the pregnancy because the D-day is in the offing and there are a lot of excitement and anxieties building around the new baby’s arrival and the tension of the labor. And at this juncture, thinking about the wardrobe might not be your priority, but why not making this phase more beautiful and comfortable by choosing some stunning outfits?

The button-up shirts and the tees could be great in the first trimester, but in the last phase, you should be going for long tops and narrow because wider tops can make you look a little extra boxy. I suppose it is best to choose fabrics that have smooth drapes like silk, chiffon or poly blend.

Wearing those maxis were somewhat made me feel uncomfortable because the side view of the bump was not so pleasant; yeah, I threw a chambray top over the maxi and it gave me the look that I wanted. I guess a little bit of experimentation can bring you the right combination.

During the third trimester even the slightest temperature would feel like a thousand degree Celsius, and more often than not, you will be sweating in the air-conditioned room too. Yeah, that is the biggest problem. And I tried to wear those thin track pants and guess what! They were just superb

The stretchable pencil skirts are superb during this phase, you can pair them with oversized tops, and I think, you should be just doing fine; perhaps, you will be feeling more comfortable than ever.

You should also choose the best footwear to complement your dressing sense, and there are a dizzying variety of shoes available in the market and you can simply choose the one that looks beautiful on you and gives comfort.

This article does not have scope to discuss the kind of footwear that you should be choosing during the pregnancy, but remember, the footwear are also as important as dresses are.

I understand; this is a time when your changing body shapes brings emotional changes and being thoughtful about fashion might not look plausible.

Moreover, it is a time when you feel nauseated with morning sickness and other health issues that might need your attention. However, you should always make sure that you maintain the perfect balance between the inner beauty that is the physical and psychological well being with the outer beauty that is your looks.

Ultimately, the mamas are the best people in the universe because we are the source of life, and we deserve all the beauty, love, pampering in the world especially in those 9 months. And I think, it makes perfect sense to stylize your look and flaunt your passion for life.

Of course, you are the life giver, and it is absolutely necessary to show the love and passion for life through fashion.

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