Block Ads In Mini Militia

How To Block Ads In Mini Militia | For Ios And Android


Mini-Militia has a free version as well as the paid version. But both free and paid version Shows advertisement. It is too bothersome for users. While you are in the lobby, it shows a banner advertisement on top or pop-up. For this, sometimes you cannot read the previous chat easily.

Sometimes you may click on those ads by mistake. So it will redirect to the browser or a pop-up. For that, you may need to restart the game from home. It’s too annoying. Sometimes, it shows a video ad. you must watch those video ads for some seconds. It wastes your valuable time and makes you disturbing. To solve this problem I will show you today, how to block ads in Mini-Militia.

Benefits Of Ad Blocking –

  • Get rid of bothering ads.
  • Decrease game lagging.
  • Better user experience.
  • Less time-wasting.

Block Ads In Android

There are many ways to block ads in android games and apps. Today I will show you my recommended methods to block disturbing ads in a rooted and un-rooted device.

For Rooted Device

It’s very easy to do this method on a rooted device. Here is a step by step guide below –

  1. Download and Instal xposedinstaller.apk. For Android version below 5.0, Download from here. For android Lolipop or up, Download from here.
  2. Open it after installing it. Then go to downloads. Now, wait till it loads.
  3. After loading the search for Miami guard.
  4. Then open it and go to versions at the top menu. Now download the latest version. The first one is the latest version.
  5. Go to the home page of Xposed-install > modules and tick on the Miami guard.
  6. Now return to home, go to a framework, click install/update.
  7. After the done restart, the Miami guard is successfully installed.
  8. Now open Miami guard. Then go to Blacklist and turn on for mini militia

Now you have successfully blocked ads for mini-militia. You can block ads in other apps & games like launcher, themes, etc.

For Non-Rooted Device

The above method is for only rooted device. If your device is not rooted, use this method:-

  1. Download and install Adblocker.apk from here.
  2. Then Open Adblocker.
  3. Go to Configure. Wifi users set proxy like the steps in the picture below:-
  4. Cellular data users, go to settings>mobile networks > Access points >Tap on your current app.
    set proxy to “localhost” (without quote ) and port to 2020.

Now, you will see that all ads of mini-militia are blocked. Now you have got rid of annoying ads.

Block Ads In Ios Device:-

  1. In Safari, Go to
  2. Then Go down below and install Weblock. The install will be written in the Arabic language.
  3. After installing, open block and go to setup.
  4. There will be a link. copy that link.
  5. Go to wifi settings and your wifi name setting. Went down below and paste that link in the auto.
  6. Now restart wifi. You’re done.

For quick guide watch the video:-

This method doesn’t work for <is 9. For ios < 9, You device must be jailbroken. follow the method below:-

Block Ads In Jailbroken Device

  1. Open Cydia. Then go to sources and add
  2. Now search and install Minimal host blocker.
  3. After installing, you are done. Now check, there are no more ads in mini-militia.

Hope the above methods work for you. If you face any problem, comment below.

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