Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios For Free

Mini Militia Pro Pack IOS is getting popular day by day. Now it is one of the popular online multiplayer games. In Mini Militia, you can play with random players or with your friends. To tackle them, you must have a pro pack and store items purchased.

There are two platforms to play mini-militia. One is Ios (Apple device ), and another is android. One of the pro features of this game for both platforms is the pro pack. You have to buy it to get some features unlocked.

The price of the pro pack is $0.99. And there are four battle points packs which you have to buy to get battle points. By battle points, you can buy some extra boost items from the store. Also, you can unlock a mask pack to customize your avatar.

The price of the four battle points pack is $4.00. Today I will show you How to get the Pro pack and battle points pack for free on your ios device.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios 1


  1. Any version of Mini Militia. Download from the apple store.
  2. Jailbroken Device

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios (Step By Step):

mini militia pro pac EU11Y

  1. First, Go to Sources in Cydia, and add
  2. Then Install Free in-app-purchases tweaks in Cydia. Some of the tweaks are localIapstore, Iapcracker, Iapfree. You can use any of them. But I recommend LocalIapstore.
  3. After Installing any of the tweaks, restart the springboard. Then Enable the tweak from Settings.
  4. Now go to Mini Militia. Then go to upgrade.
  5. Click on Purchase. Now it will want your apple store password. Cancel it.
  6. If it Wants your password for 2nd or 3rd time, cancel that time too.
  7. If it is stuck on processing, Restart from step 4.
  8. After that, you will see that the Mini Militia pro pack is purchased.
  9. Use the same trick to buy a battle points pack. When apple store wants your password, cancel it. You can buy all four battle points packs with the same trick.

Some Of The Problems Solved

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios 1 1

  • Suppose it shows server error or validation error, close Mini Militia and re-open it. Then re-start from step 4.
  • If your installed tweak doesn’t work, then install another tweak and try again.

Bravo, You have got Mini militia pro pack ios for free. After you have done all the steps perfectly, you may not face any problems. Find the step you have made an error and try again. If you are facing a further problem, feel free to comment below.

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