Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios For Free


Mini Militia is getting popular day by day . Now it is one of the popular online multiplayer game . In Mini Militia , you can play with random players or with your friends . To tackle with them , you must have pro pack and store items purchased . There are two platforms to play mini-militia . One is Ios (apple device ) and another is android . One of the pro feature of this game for both platforms is pro pack . You have to buy it to get some feature unlocked . The price of the pro pack is $0.99 . And there are 4 battle points pack which you have to buy to get battle points . By battle points, you can buy some extra boost items from the store . Also, you can unlock mask pack to customize your avatar . The price of the 4 battle points pack is $4.00 . Today I will show you How to get Pro pack and battle points pack for free in your ios device .


  1. Any version of mini Militia . Download from the apple store .
  2. Jailbroken Device

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios (Step By Step):

  1. First Go to Sources in Cydia, and add .
  2. Then Install Free in-app-purchases tweaks in Cydia. Some of the tweaks are localIapstore , Iapcracker , Iapfree . You can use any of them . But I recommend LocalIapstore .
  3. After Installing any of the tweaks , restart springboard . Then Enable the tweak from Settings .
  4. Now go to Mini Militia . Then go to upgrade .
  5. Click on Purchase . Now it will want your apple store password . cancel it .
  6. If it Wants your password for 2nd or 3rd time , cancel that time too .
  7. If it stuck on processing , Restart from step 4 .
  8. After that, you will see that Mini Militia pro pack is purchased
  9. Use the same trick to buy battle points pack . when apple store wants your password , cancel it . you can buy all 4 battle points pack by the same trick .

Some Of The Problems Solved

  • If it shows server error or validation error , close Mini Militia and re-open it . then re-start from step 4 .
  • if your installed tweak doesn’t work , then install another tweak and try again .

Bravo , You have got Mini militia pro pack ios for free . After you have Done all the steps perfectly , you may not face any problem . Find the step you have made an error and try again . If you are facing a further problem , feel free to comment below .

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