How to Apply Goth Makeup?

Harness the secret behind creating the mysterious gothic looks by learning these valuable tips on how to apply goth makeup. It’s time to play with tricky shades.

Gone are the days when people created gothic looks for fun or Cosplay parties. It has now become a lifestyle. Now when people are more open to expressing their true feelings, the Gothic look is an ultimate rescue for those who feel calm and relaxed at night or in the darkness.

When it comes to creating the signature gothic look, black is a mandatory part of the palette. Though darker shades of green, red, or purple may lean from time to time, black is nowhere to go.

Creating the iconic Goth look can be a little crafty, but with some perfect tips on how to apply goth makeup, you can become a sassy gothic queen.

How to Apply Goth Makeup

1. Dead White Foundation

Dead White Foundation

If it doesn’t resemble the dead, it ain’t goth! The key to creating a pale look is to opt for a foundation lighter than your skin tone. You can choose a foundation around two tones lighter than your natural tone for a perfect pale appearance.

2. Deep Black Palette

Deep Black Palette

Rusty black, bluish-black, red-black, grey-black, green-black, purple-black, inky black, and the list may go on and on as far as there’s black on it! Pick up an eye palette and start playing around. Smokey eyes are all the trick – darker hues on the outer edges while lighter ones on the inner ones.

3. Dramatic Line and Lashes

Dramatic Line and Lashes

When your eye is colored with goth vibes, it’s time to add some drama to it! Line your lid with a black eye pencil or liquid eyeliner (if you’re a pro). Boost your lashes with a black volumizing mascara to finish eye makeup.

4. Sunken or Shimmer?

Time to choose your look! Are you a sunken goth queen or want to add glowing light to the darkness? For a shimmery look, define your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and nose tip with a highlighter followed by the pink blush on your cheeks.

For a true caved-in look, just use the darker contour to define your facial features and pick deep pink for blush.

5. Complete the Goth Makeup Look

Complete the Goth Makeup Look

Which makeup is complete without lipstick? Since Goth means going dark, why should the lips be light? Black, purple, crimson, pick anything that suits your eyes.

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Additional Tips

  • Wear sunscreen before applying foundation, as it prevents skin tanning, helping achieve a paler look.
  • Set the foundation with powder to avoid cakiness or runny foundation streaks.
  • Although black is a must while creating a gothic look, you can sometimes just go with darker shades of green, purple, or red for a fresh perspective and skip the black straightaway.
  • Make sure to use a smudge-proof pencil. Your goal is to look gothic, not a panda!
  • Goth makeup is all about ditching the norms – time to say goodbye to traditional hair looks. Dye your hair green or red and complement your gothic look more than ever. Afraid to take a bold step? Wigs are a pretty good option.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize. Silver chains, punk chokers, metal bracelets, zombie earrings, rings, and hairpins, all these jewelry are a great way to achieve a bombastic gothic look.

Final Words

Time to take over the streets and floors! The art, the dark, the glam, the punk – the Goth Look! It’s all about versatility and addressing your true self. Achieve the most candid goth look with the makeup tips, and be brave to be who you are!

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