Different Types of Lip Shapes

Are you curious about the different types of lip shapes and what they say about you? Kissable Lips has got you covered with our ultimate guide. From the common to the unique, we explore 7 types of lips to watch out for.

Lips are one of the essential features that help you determine a person’s character.

The lips of an individual define their aesthetics. Every individual has unique types of lip shapes which represent their facial aesthetics and expression. And every individual has a charming smile enhanced with their lip type.

If you are not satisfied with your lip shape, you can easily change it according to your personal choice and get it done through makeup. If you want a permanent solution for your lip shape, you can opt for a surgical procedure.

Change in the lip shapes changes the entire facial look of an individual. You can look more attractive and beautiful by changing your lip contour.

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In this article, we would be sharing with you different types Of lip shapes.

Different Types Of Lip Shapes

Different Types Of Lip Shapes

  1. Full lips
  2. Heavy upper lips
  3. Wide lips
  4. Round lips
  5. Heavy lower lips
  6. Thin lips
  7. Bow shaped lips
  8. Heart-shaped lips
  9. Downward turned lips
  10. Uneven lips
  11. Dropping corners
  12. Thin upper lips
  13. Thin lower lips

10 Ways to modify or intensify your types of lip shapes

1. Full lips shapes-

If you have fuller lips, they may appear to be prominent bow-shaped.

Full lips

Makeup trick: Apply lipstick on both your lips and enhance it in the center using a lighter shade lipstick or lip pencil. You can also use eyeshadows. This action will make your lip fuller.

2. Heavy upper lips shapes:

Women with this type of lip usually do not have a prominent bow shape.

Heavy upper lips

Makeup trick: You can easily make both your lips appear of the same size by using a lip liner and carefully increase the lip margin following the natural lip border. Apply lipstick of a darker shade to enhance the look.

3. Thin lips shapes:

Women with thin lips often feel underconfident.

Thin lips

Makeup trick: Overline your lips following the lip contour if you want them to look bigger. If you’re going to keep it natural, use a lip liner along the lip margin and fill it with lipstick, preferably a lighter colour on the upper lip.

4. Wide lips shapes:

Ladies having broad smiles have wider lips.

Wide lips

Makeup trick: Using lighter shade lipsticks are more advisable, or you can use concealer and puff it powder, then line the outside of the lower lip and inside of the upper lip and fill it with matching lip colour.

5. Dropping lips shapes:

Dropping lips give a dull appearance.

Dropping lips

Makeup trick: Apply concealer and powder the lips. Using the centerline of the lip, draw the line at the corners to lift the lip. Shape the lips and fill them with your favourite lip colour.

6. Wrinkled lips shapes:

Found chiefly in smokers. It may be due to ageing as well.

Wrinkled lips

Makeup trick: Keep more of the product in the center to avoid bleeding from the wrinkled lines. After applying the lip colour, give a shine to reflect light by putting a lip gloss.

7. Heart-shaped lips

Heart-shaped lips

People who have those lips possess a dominant cupid’s bow. It follows that their upper lip comes with a pronounced dip from the center. They might likewise include a milder decrease in lipgloss.

Makeup strategies for heart-shaped Lips

  • Employ precisely the same lipcolor on the own lips and then accentuate it by the center working with a pencil.
  • You might also make use of a creamy naked eye shadow to produce it appear fuller.

8. Top-Heavy Lips shapes

Top-Heavy Lips

All these lips tend to be thicker towards the top and commonly don’t own a conspicuous cupid’s bow. A whole lot of Indian females have such lips.

Makeup strategies To Get top-heavy Lips.

  • You may make use of a lip lining around the border of one’s lips after its standard form. You may even decide to try and line your lips utilizing a brush along with your lipstick.
  • To generate your higher lip gloss, appear marginally smaller, then use a dark gloss color about it, and then select a shade lighter in your lip to out of your lips again.
  • Should you never desire to employ various colors of lipsticks, then you may make use of a white pen into the guts of one’s lip to stability your lips out again.
  • You might also stretch the liner of one’s lip using a pencil. This is going to make your lips look fuller and a lot more.

9. Small Lips shapes

Small Lips

These lips aren’t broad; however, they tend to become protruding and full.

Makeup strategies for smaller Lips

  • Employ glistening lip scrubs to generate your lips look fuller.
  • Darkish colors can create your lips seem younger, therefore try out keeping away from them just as much as achievable.
  • Comfortable colors do the tip to more tight lips.
  • Light-weight glistening pinks could create your lips seem fuller and much additional entire.

10. Round Lips shapes

Such lips have been round and deficiency of a cupid’s bow.

Makeup strategies to get a round lips

  • Darkish colors could improve your additional features on your lips.
  • Shiny Lip Sticks can tone farther down the visibility of one’s lips, drawing awareness of own features.

Different Types of Lip

The lips are divided into different types based on the lip prints.

●      Type l: vertical lines are running across the entire lip or part of the lip.

●      Type ll: branched lines (Y shaped)

●      Type all: interacting lines (crossed)

●      Type lV: reticular lines (netlike)

●      Type V: undetermined (mixed)

Common lip problems faced

The frequent problem faced is

● Splitting

● Chapping

● Lipstick bleeding

● Cold sores

Tips on how should you take care of your lips

Here are a few tips on how you should take care of your lips and get rid of the seasonal problems faced

● Avoid touching or licking

● Keep yourself hydrated always

● Follow a healthy diet

● Never forget to remove your makeup

● Keep your lips hydrated at night during sleep.

● Regularly massage your lips

● Exfoliate the dead skin off your lips by scrubbing

● Keep your lips hydrated by using lip balm or a lip moisturizer

● Use lip colour or lip makeup when going out

● Avoid lip biting

● R -hydrate your lips every 2 hour

Want to change the way your lips are?

Are you worried if how your look, or are you not satisfied with your natural lips?

There are two options for your problem.

  1. Makeup: With perfect makeup, you can quickly redefine your lip shape and contour. This is not a permanent solution.
  2. Surgical: This is a semi-permanent solution. You can get your lip shape changed the way you want by going through a minor surgical procedure by adding lip fillers like hyaluronic acid; your body fat can also be used as a filler.


Lips are among the facial structures that contribute to one’s expression. They help in expressing emotions like smiling, frowning, etc.

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Everyone has their unique types of lip shapes, and you are not satisfied with your natural lip contour, no more worries. You can opt for any of the solutions of your choice, surgical or non-surgical procedures. You can quickly redefine your aesthetics by redefining the shape of your lips.

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