Everything you Need to Know About Maximo Software Support

Have you recently invested in Maximo software? A multitude of businesses has decided to invest in this system, as it helps them develop comprehensive programs..

Have you recently invested in Maximo software? A multitude of businesses has decided to invest in this system, as it helps them develop comprehensive programs for routine, preventative, unplanned, and predictive maintenance.

Regardless of the size of your business, the number of job sites, and locations, Maximo seems to be the answer to all your troubles. However, by purchasing such a software license, clients must abide by the licensing policies of IBM.

Support services are vital for maintaining a reliable system, enabling users to protect their investment.

This is everything you need to know about this worldwide popular software system.

What is it?

Maximo software is a Computer Maintenance Management System (CCMS), which is a web-based solution. It’s designed to provide asset management through various services like location management, work planning, inventory, service desk, and making purchases. It’s constantly subjected to evolution by relying on the feedback and experience of clients. Read more about the importance of customer feedback in 2021.

Moreover, this software includes Maximo Asset Manager and IBM Control Desk. The former is used in the management of enterprise-wide assets, whereas the latter in the management of physical and logical IT assets. The solution can be extended with add-ons to meet the specific expectations of clients. The base product can become subject to adaptations to fit different industry content.

Add-on products are available for unique industry solutions like transportation, utilities, oil, gas, and aviation. Also, there is a possibility for geographic information sharing, allowing electronic communication in places like mines.

In addition, IMB Maximo is equipped with a variety of configuration tools, allowing users to change page layouts, content, and labels. Over twenty-five languages are available to users, as well as more than a hundred reports, which are provided in any of these languages. A report is developed for virtually any of the applications, such as for the inventories, suppliers, and work orders of companies.

Maximo Software Support

Mobility is a vital feature of Maximo software, providing mobile operation through cellular phone or Wi-Fi even in the most remote locations. Later on, when a connection is finally established, synchronization can easily take place. Mobile maintenance is supported in two modes, connected and disconnected, depending on the nature of the worksite. Hence, field technicians and engineers are allowed to perform their tasks from literally anywhere. Visit this site, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximo_(software), to get to know the history of Maximo software.

Maximo scheduler is a useful feature enabling clients to keep track of their work orders on a Gantt chart, which in turn streamlines the management of the work process. In contrast, the health, safety, and environment feature allow companies to report any incidents affecting the personnel, health, safety, and environmental areas.

Additionally, the linear asset management feature is created to manage rail networks, road networks, gas, and water pipelines, ideal for transportation clients. The special asset management add-on helps users to get hold of GIS information. This information provides geospatial work context and land-based features. By visualizing such information, companies can improve work execution and reliability.

Support services

Businesses using Maximo software require support services to resolve their daily struggles with system issues and technical problems. Only a well-supported system can improve business efficiency. Fortunately, there are numerous dedicated support teams offering such services to meet the needs of end-users. Their packages offer not just technical support but also assistance with application issues and system administration.

For instance, Maximo users are provided with IBM authorized support related to customization and the core product. Upon encountering an issue with the product, the team gets in touch with IBM on your behalf for the purpose of reaching a solution. By purchasing an IBM software license, clients are entitled to free maintenance in the first year of use, such as receiving telephone support for guidance during their office hours.

Another form of support offered by these teams is go-live support. End-users can get any bugs and defects fixed immediately after detecting them. Clients subscribing to Maximo software support are provided with product updates, fixes, and access to new releases. Some businesses opt for an onsite presence for a limited period so as to receive instant support in the event of unexpected issues. In the meantime, the in-house support team is provided with an opportunity to gain the necessary experience.

Furthermore, these professionals are even capable of providing bespoke Maximo support, which proves their high-quality technical skills, excellent responsiveness, customer focus, and top-notch service. By subscribing to bespoke support, businesses receive all the help they can get regarding Maximo configuration, functionality, add-ons, and customization.

To sum up

An investment in Maximo software is worth gold for businesses in many industries.

Nevertheless, having a support team to keep the system functional and up-to-date is more than essential for every client!

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