Get to Know Everything About Goldco

Since 1848 when a shiny metal got discovered in California, gold has remained a financial asset to many.

The yellow and shiny metal gets acquired by about 12% of Americans. Silver gets owned by 14.7% of the total Americans.

The average person is determined to make at least three to five investments throughout their life. (A person working on a 40-year career expects to make at least $1.4 million). This article sheds light on the company. See this link to learn more.

What is Goldco?

It is a financial company that exchanges precious metals into monetary assets for any individual. The metals lay a solid foundation for the user as a good retirement option.

The company started its operation in Woodland, California with, the target consumers being pensionaries.

The company offers the following options to interested parties.

Gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

The organization offers an option to turn your financial asset into physical gold. Note that the valuation of gold depends on the Market.

An ounce of Gold in March this year was around $1737. A gold IRA means that the interested party can use the pre-tax dollars to invest in the metal.

It also means that you can avoid taxation until distribution. Some of the benefits for a Gold IRA are.

  • Longevity

Gold is one of those metals that rarely depreciate. It has been since time memorial and proves to be one of the best investment options. If you are looking for a long-term, secure interest, then this precious metal is for you. Did you know that in 1999, an ounce of this metal was about $255?

  • Stable

The financial world is prone to change. Supply and demand of services/products, internal conflicts, and natural calamities affect market price. Gold IRA remains to be a stable option in a volatile market. Its growth is twice as fast as the stock market’s growth in the last two decades.

  • Diversification

Diversifying your assets will give you a market gain. You will also get lesser market risks against your portfolio.

By opting to turn your cash into gold, it becomes one of your many investment portfolios. Not only does this make you stable, but it creates multiple recovery options for you.

You should be familiar with the various types of IRA it goes with:

Traditional One

Established in the US in 1974, the traditional IRA details giving out your pre-tax money and keeping it in your account.

Note that there are no limitations to your income. You may also access it only if you are above 59 and a half years.

Obtaining the money when you are below the specified age will guarantee a 10% penalty. However, you may file a Penalty exemption if you:

  • Have medical expenses
  • Got subjected to death experience in your family
  • Have a birth-related issue
  • And have an education cost.

Keep in mind that the ordinary tax deductions will also apply when withdrawing the amount.


In a Roth IRA, you give away the after-tax dollars into your specific account. It has to be functioning for at least five years for you to withdraw it tax-free.

Keep in mind that you should also be at least 59 and a half years. If you pass your savings to your immediate heirs, they can also extract it without being charged.

Yet, you can contribute to it at any age gap, provided you have the required income.

Other plans include

  • A Non-deductible option
  • Self-directed
  • Simplified Employee Option (SEP)
  • And a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE)


Gold IRA regulations

  • You can only keep the gold at a manager. The depository must be IRS-approved, so placing the metal in your apartment may result in a high penalty.
  • If you acquire the metal before the investment, it is impossible to add it to your account.
  • The metal must also be pure. The market term for that is 99.5 or .995%
  • One should ensure that the investment follows the IRA contribution limits.

Silver IRA

In this particular option, you get to turn your financial assets into silver coins in a specific account. Note that you can only fund this account with pre-tax dollars.

Just like the traditional IRA, you will get subjected to income tax when you withdraw the amount. Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sets the contribution limits.

A silver IRA limits inflation on the metal, making your investment prone to market volatility.

Did you know that silver prices tend to rise whenever there is a global financial market fall? It extends your portfolio, unlike paper assets that react to extreme market conditions.

Silver IRA regulations

  • The metal should be unmixed (It means the silver composition in it should be at least 99.9% pure)
  • You should not include any jewelry in your account.
  • The metal cannot get stored in your environment but only through an IRA-approved depository. Only the custodian will purchase for you. They will also provide third-party storage for the coins.

Ensure to check out the web-page listing on the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. They identify fraudster custodians.

The Benefits of Goldco


Identifying an investment option needs to be secure. With Goldco, you get an assurance that the organization is keen on your assets.

Accessing the company is easy compared to buying stocks, where you will need a lot of intervention from brokers.

They have guides who educate you on your preferred investment option. You may refer to their customers and get a clue about their services.


The company has made a solid reputation for its services. They have gotten listed in the Better Business Bureau as a transparent platform.

Buy Back Option

As an investor, if you wish to dispose of your precious metals, the company has a buyback option. They will regulate the price per the current retail cost.

The Risks

Inability To have an Online Account

The organization cannot tend to far-away clients. You have to set up a meeting with team members to start your funding.

There are no online set-ups that you can contact right away. Remember that their offices close down on Saturday and Sunday, so you can only reach them on weekdays from 7 am to 4 pm.

However, you can call them and book a reservation.

Only Invest via Goldco

You can only acquire the precious metal via the company. Any external place where you can obtain the metals gets prohibited by the organization.

Storage clarifications.

The company does not store your metals. However, it directs you to your custodian, according to your location or ore quantity.

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You should be clear on your preference when opting for one. Choose one that you can maintain comfortably and proves to be safe. The company educates each investor so you can make a better decision.

They also do not inform the public about their custodian lists. This anonymity creates doubt, especially for new clients.

How to Invest with it

  • Get in touch with one of their representatives. Ensure that you are free enough to learn about the organization before proceeding.
  • Shift funds into your newly set account. The minimum amount to open it is $25,000.
  • Revise the Goldco catalog of metals, then choose one that you can put in your account.
  • And choose one of their depository locations that will store your precious ore.

The team will monitor your account on your behalf. You can get back your investment when your withdrawal time reaches. Selling to a third party is also permitted. Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

When was it founded?

It started in 2006 and has been functioning since then.

What are the fees?

The organization has not declared any standard fees to the public via its website. However, you ought to inquire about the following charges:

  • Set-up Fee- It is about $50.
  • Wiring Cost- They charge about $30.
  • Annual storage Wage- Expect $100-$150, depending on your investment.
  • Annual Maintenance Price- It is about $80.

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