5 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your First Small Business Website

A website is like an online 24×7 store for your small business website. Unlike your office or showroom that has working hours where it entertains customers, and then shuts down for the day, a website continues your customers-

  • What your business is all about
  • Lists and showcases your products and services
  • Carries forward your brand’s positive recommendations
  • Allows for interested customers to connect with you
  • An E-commerce website allows customers to buy directly

This means that even when you (the owner) and your employees are sleeping, your website is busy benefitting your business. In 2021, not having an online presence can be one of the biggest mistakes of any small business website.

In this article, we list down the five things you need to keep in mind when designing your first business website. However, before we proceed to the list of things, let us look at the major reasons why your business needs a website.

The Need to Have an Online Presence in a Post-Pandemic World

As a small business website, you need to be present to demonstrate your products and services where your potential customers are. We all know how the lockdown during the pandemic led to an increased amount of time spent on online platforms.

Data and statistics show that the average time being spent on social media platforms, search engines and E-commerce platforms increased multiple times.

This means that all your target audiences that were once open to visiting physical markets, showrooms, and other locations, are not going to do that like they once did.

This does not mean that they are not spending or buying things. They are doing the same from businesses that they see online and allow for purchases digitally.

According to experts, it is high time small businesses start creating an online presence to attract target audiences. This will help them build their brand online, boost sales and revenues and allow for the business to sustain and turn profitable.

List of 5 Things to keep in mind when Designing your First Small Business Website

1. Paying Attention to the Platform-

According to one of the world’s best website development companies, if you are going for a website for the first time, a good option would be ‘WordPress’. The platform allows for scalability, is affordable, and will allow you to change and alter many of the features, with little understanding and education. Going for a complicated platform should be avoided initially.

2. Understanding that security is a real concern-

Data suggests that small businesses are three times more likely to suffer from cyberattacks than big businesses. Hackers and cybercriminals routinely search for security lapses in the websites of small businesses. It is important that adequate attention is paid to security protocols. Not doing the same might result in irreparable damage for small businesses.

3. Choosing the Right Website Development Company-

For a small business, money is a real concern that cannot be overlooked. This means that you need a website development company that understands your affordability and comes up with the best possible solution. Don’t be hesitant to ask for questions, understand how the website will work and what will be the timeframe for the creation of the same.

4. Content on a Website matters a lot-

Your website is the representation of your business. Hence, it is important that you create content that is correct, accurate, and describes your business in the best possible fashion. Take a lot of time in creating the content for the various pages. Imagine this to be similar to how you would explain your product or service to a customer when they walk into a physical store.

5. Ensure that the Communication Points are clear and present-

If the website is a good one, customers will try to get in touch with you. This is why it is important that sections like the Contact Us Page, Phone Numbers, and Email IDs are checked and double-checked. You do not want any lead coming through to go unanswered from the website. This will help boost sales figures and add to your small businesses’ revenues.

The Bottom Line

It is high time small businesses start leveraging digital marketing and online platforms for success and performance. While a website is the first step, it is the foundation of later digital marketing strategies for your business. From getting in touch with your target audiences to building sales, a website can deliver all this and much more for your small business.

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