Conference Attendees Registration Software for Event Planning

To manage an event is not at all an easy task and when it comes to being a corporate event, it becomes more important to look into minute details as one cannot go wrong there. It is hence advisable to use software that helps to make the task easier as once the softcopy layout is ready; the other task of event planning becomes easier. In this article, we shall discuss various websites that provide to manage attendee’s registration software and make work easier and complete faster.

Before choosing software for one to start event planning, users should be aware completely of what they require by using the software. They should do their homework well as it helps to choose the software properly. Also, it is important to work on the cost one would want to spend the entire event and how much can they afford to spend on event planning software. This will also help the users to have a rough calculation of the profit they would make out from the event.

Event management software’s nothing but to consider a best friend indeed during working out to manage an event. We shall list software which helps you in such times:-


If you are looking for software that helps to track the progress of work at each level of event planning; Trello is made just for you! Not only tracking but one can see the status of work at every interval and also change if any level needs modification. Trello comes with a user-friendly tool, a strong visual interface, and many collaboration features.

Trello offers to manage the attendee’s registration software and along with the same gives a bird’s eye view via mobile application too. For any questions, the user can write to their team as they have a good reputation in providing help promptly.

Whova (All in one Event Management software)

Event management software generally specializes in one function and accordingly, event planners go with the appropriate software for their event. On the other hand, Whova comes with an all-rounder solution for every minute detail of a conference event and seamlessly manages the task from the beginning to the end.

They also have a backend team working hard to help the users if they get stuck at any point. The promptness of solving queries is what Whova is famous for. Along with proving flexibility, it also helps in the logistics tool to the attendee, exhibitor engagement solutions, and conference management software.


It comes with a management tool that is exceptionally designed for corporate meetings and assures to increase the attendance of the attendees by twenty percent. It also increases productivity by 27% and overall profit margin increment is seen twenty to thirty percent by most of the users. The reviews of Cvent are extra-ordinary and it also assures to simplify the entire process and also gives minute details about the events via email. They also provide custom made software if you have a good budget and are hosting a grand event that needs special attention.


It is a software that can we used as an on-demand guest list and printing system along with providing check-in facilities. The software is made such as it is capable of tracking the attendee’s face as it has a facial recognition technology during the check-in process of the attendees. It also allows tracking via wristbands and badges which are given a specific code.

This helps the event managers to track during the purchase of merchandise during the event, meals had by the attendee, and also tracks the most expensive part of the event which is tracking the drinks has by an attendee. This helps to track the expenses of the entire event and hence proves to be exceptional in the market than other software.

WordPress Theme Software

This popular software is used by event planning committees that have facilities to develop a theme for the event. With a selection of various built-in themes, WordPress also offers tailor-made themes for the corporate event. The main feature of WordPress is that they are tech-savvy while offering services and hence if you are the one who would want to completely rely on machines while organizing an event; WordPress Theme Software is the one you are looking for. Do not forget to try their templates by which you might get an idea of how you would want your event to get uplift than the regular corporate events.


It is designed for communicating better during the event. If you are looking for a platform that offers live data collection from various places, Everwall is the software for you. To understand in a better way; if you would want screens during the event to collect specific data such as a tweet by conference attendees registration, Everwall allows you to keep capturing the data from twitter and show it on the screen. Big corporate events usually require such facilities and this comes with a cost.

As there should be no mistake during live capturing of data, such software would require on process team during the event. This software also shares pictures of the event to the media via satellite if you require such help. High-end software which shall prove to be beneficial during live events and provide specific function as you tailors them.

The entire above event planning software helps to manage the attendee’s registration software and conference attendees registration is one of the best in the market as of today. They all require initial details which the user needs to provide to their team. Some of this software has ready-made planners while they all provide facilities if users would want some changes according to their needs.

As this software has an entire team dedicated to working for them, we suggest users understand their software from them first before using them. Also, one should study their terms and conditions properly before buying them online. One can also write to them as these companies provide a quick response if anyone as a query.

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