Now Deal With India’s Top-Notch VPS Hosting Company At Your Own Budget

NextraOne is considered to be India’s most convenient and top-notch hosting company. VPS hosting has become paramount so far while dealing with web applications. Multifarious websites and pages run on a single server, and if one website goes down, it may also affect the other in the line. By availing of VPS hosting services, high-traffic website pages would not inconvenience the rest on the same server. You will feel a sense of independence as your sites running in parallel will not interrupt each other. NextraOne will provide you with all the benefits at a very minimal rate. All you have to do is to entrust the firm.

Pocket-Friendly hosting plans –

We have some cheap VPS hosting plans that you should glance at. With the parallel operating system, more bandwidth you will enjoy the existing deals –

  • VPS 1GB plan offers you up to 40 GB of space, 24/7 support, transfer data to 1 TB and single core processor. It only comes for just 895 INR monthly.
  • VPS hosting 2GB plan has some exciting to offer. With an uptime network of 99.9%, 24 hours support for customers. It comes with a double-core processor, and storage is also offered up to 60 GB. This cheap VPS hosting comes for 1799 INR monthly.
  • Talking about the premium plan, We offer a lot in this plan. With 4 core processors, up to 100 GB of storage and all-time customer support, it is the best plan offered by NextraOne at a nominal rate of just 3160 INR monthly.

Exceptional features you will drool over –

This VPS hosting provider has a lot to offer, and there are many features that you would want to have for your server. Have a look –

  1. Lightning Speed – The server ensures that your websites open at lightning speed. The server can easily get identified within the load time of web pages. Speed is the central element people look for in a VPS hosting plan, and we take special care of that.
  2. High Storage databases – Another vital feature the hosting provider offers is high storage databases. Who can easily hoard any customer detail, your records running on the server in the databases provided by the company?
  3. Proper Control – If you share your VPS hosting with another person, you can work in parallel. You can still feel independent despite sharing the same with another person. No one can hinder your work at any point, and you can easily be in charge.
  4. Managing becomes effortless – While you want to administer something, Who can quickly do it with a controlling panel? Any change in the server is just a few clicks away. Hassle-free management of your account is done only by NextraOne.
  5. Retrieve Data efficiently – The VPS hosting provider allows you to recuperate all your lost data. If you accidentally or unknowingly lose all your current data, you can recuperate all of it quickly. There is a backup from where it is possible. Within a few minutes, you will be back with your recovered data.
  6. Upgrade your plans – you don’t have to purchase new plans to aggrandize despite having a pre-existing server. We allow you to upgrade your plans by just informing the concerned person. From cheap VPS hosting, you can upgrade to premium plans.

Know more about VPS Hosting with NextraOne –

Handling a website over a webpage is not an easy task. A Virtual Private server is required to handle multiple web application pages over the internet. It will become a helping hand to you. It does everything from managing the web pages simultaneously to procuring a space over the web for the website. You must know what VPS hosting in NextraOne offers –

  • Maintains confidentiality – Never try to underestimate the security measures taken by the hosting provider. Owning a personal operating system removes the doubt of an unknown threat to the confidentiality of the website working on the server.
  • Upgrade as you want – upgrade the package to cheap VPS hosting or a premium plan. Just inform the concerned people, and you will be all set to work on new plans.
  • No disturbance – While you share your current plan with another person. Your work will feel no disturbance while working as you will be given complete isolation.
  • Proper Control, high-storage databases, all-time customer support, and easy management are other fascinating services you should look for in such a cheap VPS hosting Package. There is nothing like NextraOne.

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