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What are the criteria for choosing Back To School Outfits for your children? how to choose Back To School Outfits 101...

Heading back to school comes with a unique set of challenges. Though it may seem like all you have to do is get up and go, there are a ton of things you have to get right to be comfortable in your skin and to meet the requirements of the school you are attending. There are a few different ways to get off to a good start, and something you can do before you even set foot in school is getting the perfect boutique back to school outfits in order.

Young Girls

On the first day of school, the outfit can be very important for anyone who wants to make a good first impression or is not all that sure of what the school year will bring. Young girls are incredibly impressionable, and their outfits are particularly important. Now a great way to get your first day of school outfits together is to pick one item that says what you are all about.

This can be something like a shirt, a skirt, a pair of pants, shoes, or any other unique piece that speaks to you. Your creative options can be limited if your school has uniforms or a strict dress code. However, choosing one piece is a great way to start an outfit. A great sparkly top or a cute pair of shoes is a great way to get young girls into the back to school outfit mood.

Pair this with a practical pair of pants or a bottom that will be useful for other outfits, and you have a great outfit. Paring a great shirt that is a bit out there with a more subdued pair of pants can let people know that you are fun but also practical and ready to be part of school no matter what. This is a great way to get little girls involved in their outfits without letting them go to school dressed as princesses.

Young Boys

Young boys are notorious for not giving a hoot about their appearance as long as you steer away from things like sparkles, pink, and other girly items. You can get your little fella involved in picking out his first day of school outfit, and that means using something like a great pair of shoes that he has been waiting for or a shirt with their favorite superhero on it.

When it comes to dressing boys, using simple, single-colored items paired with more daring pieces is the best way to get a great outfit that has some personality but is not full of holes or covered in mud.

It is always easier to get boys involved if you give them an incentive. Let them pick their shirts, socks, or underwear to get them involved. Boys will be far less likely to fight back against what you pick if you give them a bit of say in the matter. Boys tend to be a bit more adaptive than girls, and you can get them to wear whatever you want if you give them a little push in the right direction.

Middle School Girls

Now is the time when kids are starting to get what they want and when they are starting to get a bit more independent. Again, if you involve a child in the process, they are far more likely to go along with what you tell them than if you say they are going to do this or that. Middle school girls are just starting to get into their own, and they will often want to follow the popular fads at the time.

You, however, may not want them to follow the fads. A simple rule of thumb is if the fad is not harmful or if it does not feature items or looks that are wholly against what you see as appropriate, it does not hurt to let them go along with it.

If your middle school outfits tend to be a bit trend-heavy, try to encourage your girl or guy, for that matter, to branch out and make their way and customize the trends that they think are so great.

Though it may seem like all they want to do is wear clothes everyone else is wearing, you can encourage them to add their spin to things and make popular trends their own. If your little girl, for instance, is caught up in a particular movie, try to encourage her to dress the way she wants as it follows the trend rather than just dressing the way everyone else dresses.

Middle School Boys

This is when boys are even more apathetic than they are the rest of the time you try to dress them. In this case, you can often just let your boy do what he wants, and you will be safe. Boys at this age are less caught up in trends and following other kids’ actions than their female counterparts. The main goal at this time of life is to ensure they are clean and don’t smell funky when they go to school.

In this case, you should let your little dude pick out items that make him happy and appropriate for school. You can let him pick out his shirt or other pieces and pair them with practical pieces that will work all year round.

High School Girls

High school outfits for girls are every parent’s nightmare. More parents are concerned with every piece of clothing their high school student picks up. High school can be tough, and students will conform to help prevent bullying and scrutiny. It would help if you took the time to watch what your kid is picking out, what they are interested in, and what trends are popular.

Though it may seem like you will end up being the uncool parent, if you feel your child is not dressing appropriately, take the time to address the issue before it becomes a huge problem.

The main issue for high school-age girls is covering up. More often than not, girls at this age are coming into their own when it comes to their bodies, and their physical form is more of a focus than it should be.

Make sure your girl is covered up and that she feels good in what she ultimately picks. If that means standing in her room for hours while she tries on every piece of clothing she owns, let her do it.

High School Boys

This is when boys are most likely to lash out by wearing sagging pants and T-shirts with vulgar sayings, focusing more on their tennis shoes than their grades. With teenage boys, you need to teach them that their clothes not only help people make estimations and first impressions of them, but that these impressions can be lasting and harmful.

Let your boys express themselves, but also let them know what you will accept and is not acceptable. You should take the time to make sure if you hate a trend or fad, you address it from the get-go rather than letting them do it for a while, then change your mind and try to remedy it. Boys will likely let you tell them what you will accept without much fight.


The easiest way to get a back to school outfit together is to pair up basics. Get one or two good pairs of pants that will work all year round, and use that as the base of your outfit. After that, choose a shirt or top that reflects what you or your child want people to see and what interests your child.

Pairing plain pants with a great shirt is a practical way to let a child express themselves without their outfit being too over the top. After that, you can pair them with the shoes they love most, ones that match, or whatever you happen to find when the bus pulls up at the last minute.

It is not hard to get a back to school outfit together. In those instances where uniforms are a factor, it is even easier. In those cases, you can customize your outfit with hair barrettes, watches, shoes, backpacks, and more. Let your little one tell you what they want to wear when all else fails.

What good are parents that spend their time squashing the creative side of any child for the sake of being normal or practical? boutique back to school outfits are a chance for kids to show their classmates what they are all about and to make an impression that will follow them for years to come.

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