10 Easy-to-Make Halloween Outfits for Kids

With Halloween outfits approaching, there’s nothing that occupies your children’s conversations more than what they’re going to ‘be’ on the big night.

But what do you do if you’re short of time and cash, yet still want to find them the outfit of their nightmares?

Don’t despair—with a few handy supplies and a little imagination, these ten ideas help you can whip up a Halloween Outfits costume that looks superb, doesn’t break the bank, and won’t have you working until you turn into a pumpkin either.

Make Halloween Outfits for Kids

1. Monsters


Monsters like Frankenstein are an old favorite for the Halloween Outfits look, and it’s scarily easy to achieve. An oversized men’s jacket over tight trousers gives you the basic outfit, together with thick-soled boots and large gloves. Add a mask or green face paint, draw on some scars, and you’ve captured the perfect monster air.

2. Witches


Black is the color theme here, so choose black pants and a top or a black dress—cut points in the hems for extra interest. A long wig looks great, and use some lurid face paint or a mask for the face (why not try green or gold?). You can buy a witch’s hat, but they’re easy to make out of a card—just look for instructions on the internet. Add a black cloak and accessories like a toy black cat and broomstick.

3. Wizards


Wizards are similar to witches, but you can vary the color theme with purple or red. Add some zing to the clothes by cutting and sticking on fabric or cardboard stars. Interesting wizarding accessories can include a spellbook, cauldron, staff (ala Gandalf), or a magic wand. And naturally, no wizard looks complete without a long white beard!

4. Zombies


Mimic the undead look with a washed-out feel. Choose faded clothing that’s ripped, torn, and preferably several sizes too large, giving the body an emaciated appearance. Next, create wild hair with a wig or plenty of hair product. Try colored hair spray for a different look. Large shoes or boots also look good and add some extras such as fake blood to really chill the veins.

5. Ghouls

You need a totally crazed outfit for a ghoul, so opt for mismatched clothing such as striped leggings, a ripped T-shirt, and a pink ballet tutu. Add a big black jacket, wildly styled white hair (real or fake!), and clumpy boots and you’ve got the ultimate in ghoul fashion. Whiteface make-up with a couple of angry pimples creates the icing on the cake.

6. Bats

You can morph your youngster into a bat with all-black skin-tight clothes and a black fabric cape cut in large scallops. Black gloves with white fabric claws stitched or glued on make the bat’s hands, and black ballet pumps make dainty bat feet. A mask or face paint will take care of the face, but don’t forget to cut bat ears out of card and fasten them to elastic for added menace.

7. Ghosts


An otherworldly look is a must for a ghost, so take the light white approach by using a sheet or layers of floaty chiffon. Whiteface paint matched with shadowed eyes gives a suitably haunted feel, and you can use white leggings or socks (together with white shoes) for the feet.

8. Werewolves

Shaggy faux fur will have them howling at the moon, and you can either use an outfit made from fabric or an old fur coat. Aim for animal-skin shades like brown or grey, and wear it over dark pants and black boots. Add claws to dark gloves, and make or buy a wolf mask with pointed ears.

9. Vampires


Monochrome with a splash of red makes a real impact here. Look for formal clothes like smart pants, a dress shirt, and even a bow-tie, and add a black cape for a genuine feel. Whiteface paint looks suitable eerie, and vampire fangs are a necessity, together with a dribble of fake blood.

10. Bigfoot

Fake fur is essential for a Yeti or Bigfoot, so either create a simple costume from fabric or wear matching clothes under a long fur coat. A hood helps disguise the face, along with animal-colored face paint, and you can add some fearsome claws to wellington boots for real authenticity. Gloves with additional claws complete the outfit.

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