8 Best Places to Visit in Frankfurt Germany

best places in frankfurt

There are many faces to Germany’s biggest financial hub. From all ten of the lankiest skyscrapers in the country to the business centers and all the museum neighborhoods, this city fascinates its visitors in many ways. This ancient majestic and imposing city is on the River Main, which is why it is also known as the best places in frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt am Main – The city for everyone

Frankfurt city always had a very busy daily life. Even in the past, meetings were held between dedicated politicians in the first democratic parliament where they used to discuss the country’s current affairs and prospects. Today, busy business centers are swarmed with businessmen and workers who work to flourish the country’s economy and make Frankfurt the economic capital of Germany.

The museums are frequently visited by visitors and locals and they provide all the artistic, historical and war information. The nightlife of this imposing city is also entertaining and never-ending. With hundreds of bars, pubs, discos, DJ clubs and restaurants, this city never sleeps and fails to amuse its admirers. There is always something to do and see in this beautiful and splendid city at any time of the day or night.

The city’s importance

Occupying such a strategic location on the edge of River Main, the best places in frankfurt has always remained an important city and a commercial and economic hub of Europe. Its history tells us how important it was for the Roman Empire and other empires to maintain control over Germany and other parts of Eastern Europe.

This city also played an important part in both World Wars, and today with the majority of the business taking place in this city, Frankfurt has an infrastructure for which it is known as the Manhattan or Chicago of Europe. For this reason, it is considered a global city and often ranks in the top results of the best cities to do business and live.

With all its association with history, it has some of the most important historical landmarks and museums that are important for tourism activities. The city also hosts some of the best cultural festivals and fairs throughout the year, which are open to anyone. Some of the fairs are considered to be the biggest in Europe or even the world. It is indeed a perfect place to plan your summer or winter vacation trip.

How to get there?

Frankfurt is a megacity and getting there isn’t a problem. You can travel there by plane, bus or train. The city is connected with different roads and railroads from all over Germany and Europe and has a major international airport. To travel on a budget, you can book cheap flights to Frankfurt by reserving your tickets with the help of any renowned travel agency.

8 Best Places to visit in Frankfurt

With that stated let’s discuss the best places in Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt Museumsufer

MuseumsuferMuseumsufer actually not one single museum, but a group of a dozen museums on both sides of River Main. The area is known as Museumsufer or Museum Embankment as it is on both the banks of the river. These museums contain artifacts and exhibits for film, art, architecture, ethnography, Warcraft, communication, automotive and much more. Developed in the 1980s and 1990s, these museums have state of the art buildings with amazing artifacts on display for everyone.

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A museum festival known as Museumsuferfest is held each year on the last weekend of August. Visitors not only witness the amazing artifacts and exhibits displayed in every museum, but they can also enjoy music, dance performances, dragon boat regatta on the River Main, and much more.

Frankfurt Romerberg

RomerbergRomerberg is the prettiest square in Frankfurt. It is surrounded by picturesque ancient houses, administrative buildings, and a church, so remember to take your camera there. One of the most attractive buildings there is Romer, which is in the center of a cluster of three gabled buildings and it functions as the main city hall since 1405. There is a lot of history associated with this square and you must visit it to find out.

Frankfurt Main Tower

Main TowerMain Tower offers an amazing view of the whole city from its public viewing platform. Standing 200 meters tall, it was open in 2000 and is the sole tower in Frankfurt that offers the city view. You can view the city lights from the top of this state of the art building. It was designed by Schweiger and Meyer, who are renowned designers and architects of Germany.

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt CathedralBuilt-in 14th-century, this Gothic styled Cathedral is a major center of attraction in Frankfurt. It was an important structure in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. It was rebuilt in 1867 as it was destroyed by fire, and in 1950 after World War 2. This cathedral hosted the coronation of Holy Roman Kings in the 16th-century.

Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

SachsenhausenThis village was outside the city walls of Frankfurt, but since the expansion of the city, it is now located in suburbs. Sachsenhausen was a farming village before, but mini ice age changed its production from apple orchards to vineyards.

Frankfurt Gruneburgpark

GruneburgparkLocated between the Palmengarten and Goethe University, Gruneburgpark is one of the most peaceful and relaxing best places in frankfurt. Each day, friends and families meet up and hang out to relax and socialize. Although this park is visited by many people on a daily basis, it sees a lot of crowds when the weather is perfect.

Frankfurt Palmengarten

PalmengartenPalmengarten or Palm Garden is a 54 acre garden in Frankfurt. This garden is also known as the biggest botanical garden in Germany. Each year, this place hosts different outdoor botanical exhibits, and flowers are flown in from all parts of the world. You can also witness tropical and subtropical plant species in this garden.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Senckenberg Natural History MuseumSenckenberg Natural History Museum is located in Senckenberg Garden. It is one of the most up-to-date museums of natural history in the world. You can see different exhibits about the evolution of our planet’s biodiversity along with large fossils and replicas of dinosaurs. This museum also outlines the evolution and development of human beings as well as the diversity of nature. You can avail of English language tours as well as audio guides.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomew's CathedralSt. Bartholomew’s Cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th-centuries. Standing tall at 95 meters, this cathedral still manages to outstand many skyscrapers. Also known as Frankfurter Dom, it is one of the few churches in Germany that are chosen as a Royal Cathedral. It was used in the coronation ceremonies of emperors from 1562 to 1792. This Cathedral is a must for everyone visiting the best places in frankfurt and without seeing it, your trip is incomplete.

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