6 Most Amazing Sites In Florence Outskirts

sites in florence

Florence  is the place which best of all reflects the culture and originality of Italy. It will surprise you with the combination of the latest accomplishments of humanity, the vibrant life of the modern city, and the unique beauty of the Middle Ages.

Of course, tearing yourself away from the excitement of the Tuscany capital might cost a great effort, especially if it’s your first visit to the place. But the boundaries of Florence are as attractive as the city itself and deserve your attention. Now here are some ideas for a short trip from Florence to its outskirts.

#1. Cinque Terre

Those who decide to go to the Florence neighborhood to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes should, first of all, go to Cinque Terre. The territory of Cinque Terre includes five villages, offering miles-long walking routes. Four of the villages are located along the coastline. Each of them has a unique appeal, and adventurous visitors are recommended to explore them on foot.

Cinque Terre villages are renowned for the surprising amount of stunning landscapes and the finest restaurants in Italy. Visitors who have enough time and love taking long guided tours can follow the route to each village.

Travelers can get to Cinque Terre within around 2.5 hours using a rental car, which Who can reserve at a cheap price at Florence Airport. You can also reach Cinque Terre by train, but in this case, the trip will take more time.

#2. San Gimignano 

Located in one hour drive from Florence, the town of San Gimignano is known as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. On the map of San Gimignano, you can see numerous olive groves, vineyards, and orchards.

This typically Tuscan landscape surrounds the historic city center, dominated by medieval architecture – the old squares, majestic towers, palaces, churches, fountains, city walls.

The attractions of San Gimignano define its appearance and atmosphere, so any visitor feels very comfortable there. At the information office center, located in Cathedral Square, you can book a hotel room, buy tickets, take a city map, or book a guided tour.

After the investigation of the historic part of the city, it is nice to rest at one of the cafes or taverns and try some typical dishes of Italian cuisine and the famous local wines and liqueurs. Local shops will offer you a huge selection of traditional souvenirs.

#3. Assisi

“Walking along with one of the gorgeous Italian cities, which lies in the green hills, is equal to stepping back in time” – this is the phrase that can be applied for a brief description of Assisi. This small town is located about two hours’ drive from Florence.

The city is of big importance for the world in terms of religion. Numerous villages and dense forests surround it. Numerous churches, powerful walls, and many houses built in the obscure Middle Ages remind an open-air museum.

Even many guides, who conduct tours around Assisi, often insist that this city is a museum. All its architectural masterpieces and historical monuments are the pieces of a huge exhibition. All together, it creates a picture of modesty in connection with grandeur.

The history of Assisi adds inexplicable charm to the city. Indeed, Assisi was considered the embodiment of tranquility and spirituality for a long time, the perfect place for recovering peace of mind.

#4. Val d’Orcia

This tour is meant for true lovers of nature. Val d’Orcia is a historical and cultural heritage of humankind, protected by UNESCO.

The panorama of the valley has not changed for thousands of years and is represented by centuries-old cypress trees, sunflower fields, olive groves, and vineyards. All these fantastic views that previously you could have seen only in the pictures become real in Val d’Orcia.

The conspicuous beauty of Val d’Orcia landscapes with their flat plains, dominated by the hills of almost perfect conical shape, has inspired numerous artists, and the beauty of this magnificent area is reflected in their paintings.

#5. Lucca

Probably, no enthusiastic traveler would refuse to visit the city with a long history, surrounded by XVI century walls, with the architecture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, colorful markets and shops with local delicacies…

Lucca can enchant, intrigue, and leave unforgettable impressions after visiting it.

Lucca is the homeland of the famous Tuscan cigars, as well as the world-famous high-quality olive oil.

In addition to the common features of Tuscan cuisine, Lucca is acknowledged for its Buccellato – a sweet pound cake, the recipe of which relates to the XV century.

Lucca is located less than a 1-hour drive from Florence, so if you want to explore the boundaries of Florence and don’t want to go too far away from the town, this place would be a great choice!

#6. Pisa

Pisa is one of the safest cities in Italy and perfect for those who appreciate art and architecture. Of course, everybody knows about the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, which would reach a height of 56 meters if it didn’t start bending during the construction.

Although the tower has become an international symbol, the town’s other attractions are also of big architectural interest.

For example, consider a beautiful cathedral located near the tower. Its inner part is filled with intricate carvings, exquisite statues, and a graceful dome. The trip to the town of Florence will take around one hour by car or by bus.

There are many more scenic spots in the vicinity of Florence, which are rarely visited by tourists but struck by their beauty. So, if sightseeing in Florence will not be enough for you, then going to the city’s boundaries will provide you with more unforgettable emotions!

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