8 Tips to Build Your Brand by Organic Social Media Reach

In today’s age of digitization, Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of the overall business strategy for big enterprises, especially so for start-up brands. A solid Social Media strategy helps bring the brand closer to your followers. It gets your brand right into the consumers living room when they are leisurely surfing the internet.

Organic reach has seen a steady decline in the last few years. It’s at an all-time low currently. As a result, what you post on your social platforms may end up reaching only 15% of your followers. In this blog, we delve into various techniques of generating a strong organic brand reach on social media.

#1. Find the right social network:

What works for you on Facebook wouldn’t be the same case for everyone else. Identify the right platform where your audience frequents most and focus your effort to optimize engagement on it. For example, If you don’t find industry rivals on Pinterest, you have made a wrong call entering the zone. Find what the industry leaders or peers use to build a business when choosing the right platform.

#2. Create the right profile:

Come up with a username that is easy and has better top of mind recall. Use a distinct brand logo for the profile picture. The picture or image should be clear and catchy. Include links in the bio that would redirect traffic to your site. Make small and highly catchy descriptions with generous keywords. However, ensure that the keywords are naturally used. You can get SEO link building services to bring more traffic to the site from various social media platforms.

#3. Care about content:

Content is king and will always be. Your content shouldn’t have any expiry date and should stand for all years to come. Even the most monotonous industry can have a highly engaging content strategy. The key to content is to resonate with your audience at a human level.

Post during that time of the day when your audience is most active. Create content type similar to your existing content, picking up the most likes, comments, and shares. Sprout Social Neil Patel suggests using certain analytical tools that indicate what content your audience is responding to best. Video is evergreen. Try to insert video-based learning content. Apart from being value-driven, such videos help in top of mind recall, leading to repeat visits. This will enable you to garner a higher organic reach.

#4. Connect social profiles to your website:

Add social media buttons to carry traffic from the website to your social media profiles. Whether it is on the homepage or the blog page of your site, the social handles must be visible. Then, wherever your profile is, you can link your site. You can also try cross-posting across social media platforms. For example, your Facebook comments can be posted to your Twitter followers, garnering more reach.

#5. Moment Marketing:

A great way to optimize reach is to latch on to current trends. Curate content about an event that is trending or most spoken about on social media. This is also known as ‘Moment Marketing’. You can check trending topics in your region via Twitter trends or certain paid tools like Buzz Sumo. Similarly, you can use trending hashtags on your post to get new eyeballs to your brand. An example of a brand nailing moment marketing is Amul. See their latest post on the #IndianElections2019. (See what I did)

#6. Build Rapport with the audience:

Engage with your audience frequently. Ask more questions in your posts. Thank those who appreciate your content or service. Report brand mentions by your followers. Take criticisms positively. Resonate with them at a human level.

#7. Let employees advocate your business:

Do you have a decent number of the workforce? Then encourage them to share content posted on the company’s social media platforms. This is one of the best ways to enhance organic social reach. Employee advocacy is gaining momentum in recent days and helps the business improve credibility both among consumers and new possible recruits.

#8. Join hands with influencers:

Due to declining organic reach, followers alone cannot help you reach newer heights. It would help if you grabbed the aid of influencers and bloggers to get you more space. Follow them, retweet their tweets, and answer the questions they post. Work out on a co-promotion strategy via a barter system. You can request them for a guest post or brand mention. This way, you get new reach from the followers of the influencers or bloggers  every time they post about you.


You will require paid marketing efforts somewhere down the line. However, Who can build the foundation for a successful brand on an effective organic social media strategy.

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