How Do I Get My Blog to Promote My Product?

As social media took the whole world by storm, several things changed, the exchange of link fell by the wayside, and these shills that used to send out mass link exchange emails without targeting anyone became social media expert. Several people would shift their focus on buying fans as well as followers and creating underground groups where people would beg others to tweet or vote upon their content so as to enhance visibility. Over time, that becomes less practical because networks figured out the same set of individuals were often scratching each other’s back and search engines weren’t that stupid, either.

Social media marketing is not truly dead, but social influence must be diversifying if you aim to be successful. That implies you won’t need the same set of people to retweet your content or like your post over and over again. So, how do I get visibility for a product or service?

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

blogger outreachThe idea behind blogger outreach campaign is that a company is seeking for exposure for a specific product or service, leverages influencers that have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for the product free of charge. In some cases, money would be involved but it all depends on the blogger and the company.

Why does this kind of influencer marketing make sense?

One of the reason is that only a few bloggers or influencers out there would rip apart your service or product when receiving it for free. Definitely, the majority will just use the free product without sending their feedback and this feedback is very crucial for the improvement of the product or service.

Below are some of the best practices of Blogging Service:

Blogger Outreach CampaignsStudy The Writer: Ensure you do the appropriate research and also ask about the writer so as to get the best service. For instance, if you are marketing a healthy food product, you shouldn’t just choose any general food blogger, but searching for a blogger which focus on home cooking, healthy food, would be the best. You can likewise go through their blog sites so as to peruse their writing and then summarize the aspect of their content which is related to your product. You can likewise contact the bloggers in a more automated fashion with the aid of tools which can save you some time. Additionally, outsourcing can be done by contacting several agencies which represent bloggers and can also manage the campaign on your behalf.

Simplicity: It is crucial for your message to be as succinct as possible. Ensure your email, as well as posts, are properly written. It is also crucial to pass the appropriate information with the use of few words rather than making long expressions.

Show Passion: It is important to be passionate about what you are pitching and also ensure the enthusiasm comes through in your outreach service. It is crucial to make use of emotional pitch because nearly everyone loves it. Agencies which are not passionate should not be hired, this is because passion cannot be outsourced, so you can keep working in-house if you have no option.

Be Creative: Creativity is essential, being creative would help in having a successful blogger outreach service. The creativity will provide a different approach through which you can communicate to your audience so as to gain their attention and also enhance the popularity of your product or service.

Build trust: This is all about relationships as well as trust, either you have an existing relationship with someone who is able to reach out to the influencer on your behalf, or you need to work very hard to become a friend. This would enhance your blogger outreach service.

Benefits of Our Blogger outreach service

  • High-quality original content creation and placement
  • Reach new Large and audience
  • Build your brand and Reputation
  • Build links to your site with niche specific sites
  • Increase your brand’s visibility
  • Improve referral and search engine traffic
  • Promotion of each guest post through my vast social media contacts


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