8 Reasons Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last all Day and How to Fix It

Who doesn’t want to look radiant and picture-worthy all day? Unfortunately, the magic of your everyday makeup only lasts until 12, not midnight but 12 noon. After lunchtime, you’re likely to be all sweaty and greasy and you have no choice but to touch up to look a little decent. Yes, we’ve all been there.

It’s not just about the sweat, tears, and dust you encounter throughout the day – your skin care routine, as well as the products you use (and don’t use), play a vital role in making your makeup smudge easily.

Want to keep your face looking flawless and radiant from day to night? Here are the 8 reasons why your makeup is breaking down easily and how to fix it to make your makeup last.

Reason 1: You always forget to prep your skin

Every expert you’ll meet in a makeup academy will agree: What you do prior to applying makeup is just as crucial as the process of doing your makeup. Your complexion products need to have a clean canvas, to begin with.

Fix: A good skin care regimen is essential in making your makeup last, so prep your face the right way. Wash your face, use a toner, and use the right moisturizer for your skin type.

If you’re going for a retouch in the middle of the day, make sure to blot excess oil first – this is usually the main reason why your makeup is breaking down. Keep your face shine-free using blotting sticks or sheets.

Reason 2: Not waiting til your moisturizer sits in

If you apply complexion makeup products just 5 minutes after dabbing moisturizer, chances are that your makeup is going to slip right off quickly.

Fix: Give your moisturizer some time to sink in before proceeding with your makeup routine, about 10 minutes. If you have oily skin, you may use a water-based moisturizer which absorbs quickly or skip moisturizer altogether.

Reason 3: You don’t use a primer

A primer is an essential beauty product worth investing in. It helps fill in pores and fine lines, creating a smoother, more even surface for your makeup. Aside from making your makeup work better and last longer, a primer also works to seal in your skin care.

Fix: Use primer on both face and eyes. Use an oil-free, water-based face primer to keep your foundation from slipping around. Invest in eye primers too, which allow your eyeshadow to show its real pigment, blend easier, and avoid smudging or creasing.

Reason 4: Using an oil-based foundation

Whether it’s a result of picking the cheapest foundation in the store or using the wrong product for your skin type, a makeup that breaks down easily could totally mess up your look. Oil-based products, for example, are more likely to slide out of place.

Fix: If you have oily or combo skin, look out for an oil-free, long-wearing foundation. For dry skin, make sure to moisturize first before applying an oil-free product.

To make it stay all day, apply makeup using light layers. Use a beauty blender to create a smooth, light, natural-looking, texture-free complexion.

Reason 5: Your mascara and eyeliner aren’t waterproof

It’s a no-brainer – if you use an eye cream or have the tendency to sweat out a lot, cry, and rub your eyes, then pay a little extra for something smudge-free and waterproof. You don’t want to look like Joker, do you?

Fix: Go for waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep your eyes clean and bright all day long.

Reason 6: You’re retouching with a powder brush

We usually get a powder brush to touch up in the afternoon once our face gets shiny. What most people don’t know is that a powder brush only further takes away your makeup.

Fix: Use a beauty sponge instead. Unlike swiping with a brush, patting with a sponge won’t lift your foundation. It works better if you touch up with a quality powder foundation since you get extra coverage. Don’t forget to blot before touching up.

Reason 7: Your previous relationship lasts longer than your lipstick

There are two surefire ways to make your lipstick last longer. One, don’t eat or drink anything all day, and two, apply it in layers. I’m sure you prefer the latter.

Fix: Matte lipstick lasts longer than satin ones. If you’re not a fan of the matte lipstick trend, you may create a longer-lasting tint y applying it in layers:

Apply lipstick, blot it with a tissue, and then dust a layer of translucent finishing powder over your lips. Apply another layer of your lipstick and keep doing so until you get the opacity you desire. This technique creates a base for your lipstick without drying out your lips.

Reason 8: You skip powder

When it comes to creating a natural, blemish-free look, liquid and cream complexion products are your best bet. The drawback is they tend to slide off throughout the day.

Fix: Set your makeup with a lightweight powder. Find powders that match the tone of your liquid foundation and cream blushes to lock in your complexion products. Don’t buff – try “stippling” the powder onto the face to keep your liquids and creams from sliding off.

For better results, finish it off with a setting spray.

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