14 Wrinkle-Causing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

When it comes to promoting a youthful complexion, what you do not do will be every bit as significant as what you try to do in order to look after your skin and keep it wrinkle-free. These 14 wrinkle inducing mistakes may seriously undermine your anti-aging skincare efforts.

1. Skipping the sunscreen

Skipping the sunscreen

Experts recommend the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF protection every single day. wrinkle-causing UV can bombard your skin through the windows in your car, when you’re walking to the mailbox or getting in and out of your vehicle while you run errands.

2. Getting rough with your beauty routine

Getting rough with your beauty routine

Pulling hard on your skin while you put on eyeliner, apply concealer, or pluck your brows can damage your skin and put you at an increased risk for wrinkles. This is especially true for the delicate skin around your eyes. Being too rough here can also increase the risk of dark circles and those dreaded under-eye bags.

3. Hitting the sack on your stomach or side

You spend about 33% of your day in bed, and if you do it with your face contorted against your pillow or arm, furrows and creases are more likely to form in your skin. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent wrinkles that arise due to how you sleep.

4. Scrubbing too hard

Scrubbing too hard

Whether you’re exfoliating, removing makeup, or washing your face, think of tapping or patting your skin rather than rubbing and scrubbing. Too much-repeated pressure can damage the collagen fibers and leave your skin more vulnerable to wrinkling.

5. Overachieving when you cleanse

You want to completely remove makeup residues and dirt from your complexion, but you need to be careful not to strip away your skin’s vital moisture with it. Parched skin is more likely to wrinkle, so take care to use a mild cleanser made for your skin type.

6. Searching for skincare miracles

Searching for skincare miracles

There is no single product that will erase wrinkles overnight. Instead of skipping from one fad product to another, choose one or two anti-aging products with proven wrinkle-fighting ingredients and use them consistently for the best results.

7. Not kicking the habit

Here’s another reason to give up smoking for good: the more than 4,000 chemicals found in your average cigarette can destroy collagen and elastin fibers. Studies show that the more cigarettes you smoke every day, the more wrinkles you’re likely to have.

8. Forgetting your readers

Forgetting your readers

Squinting to read the fine print on the menu over and over again is a surefire way to get creases and then crow’s feet around your eyes. You may think reading glasses make you look older, but they definitely won’t age you as much as fine lines in the eye area.

9. Going easy on the fruits and veggies

Going easy on the fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of antioxidants, the nutrients that help protect your skin from the free radicals that cause wrinkles. Ensuring that you eat the recommended 5 to 13 servings of fruit and veggies on a daily basis can keep your skin’s natural shield against the aging process intact.

10. Turning in with makeup on

Turning in with makeup on

All-day long, your makeup absorbs pollutants that contain harmful free radicals. The last thing you want is to go to bed with those particles resting against your skin. Take the extra few seconds to remove your makeup and protect your skin.

11. Ignoring signs of stress

Ignoring signs of stress

Many studies have shown that chronic stress can increase your risk of wrinkling prematurely. When life gets hectic, take time out for yourself. Exercise. Get a massage. Take a long, hot bath. Any time spent de-stressing will be good for your skin and for your spirits.

12. Chewing too much gum

Chewing too much gum

The repetitive motions of chomping on gum can contribute to wrinkling around your mouth. Cut back to keep those frown lines at bay.

13. Drinking the wrong things

Drinking the wrong things

Dehydration can lead to dry skin that’s less pliable and supple, so make sure you’re drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water per day. Also, go easy on alcohol. Not only does it dehydrate you, but it also can diminish skin elasticity over time and rob your body of antioxidant vitamin A.

14. Being a couch potato.

Research shows that just two, 30-minute exercise sessions per week can decrease the risks of premature signs of aging. Scientists are still trying to determine why exercise promotes youthful skin, but there seems to be a link between the circulation-boosting benefits of physical activity and the anti-aging benefits of exercise.

It’s never too late to break bad habits in order to decrease your risk of wrinkling. Take steps to stop making these mistakes now, and you can make improvements in the health of your skin.

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