Women Hair Loss – Ways to Salvage a Shedding Mane

Medicine treatments for androgenetic alopecia could be useful to a certain extent. However, several doctors vacillate on prescribing a pill or other types of treatments fearing they could meddle with the body’s androgen’s levels.

Firstly confirmation that women hair loss is because of androgen or male hormones in the body or due to a sensitized over-reaction to normal androgen levels is conducted. Hence, doctors mostly suggest topical cures that are direct scalp applications.

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Starting on treatment as quickly as doable when hair fall commences would offer the optimal effects as drawn-out androgenetic alopecia could harm several hair follicles. Using anti-androgens following extended hair fall would help prevent additional harm and promote hair re-growth from roots that have been inactive yet have the growth potential.

Halting treatment would lead to women hair loss returning in case androgens are not maintained at ideal levels. Even vitamin, mineral levels have to be maintained when one is on a course of anti-androgen medicines.

The efficacy of the below-explicated hair treatments varies in each case. However, several women have cited favourable changes in their hair and self-worth following the use of these treatments.

Minoxidil or Rogaine

Initially utilized as hypertension curbing medication, it was later found that it stimulated hair growth when massaged directly to the scalp. Topical application leads to little absorption via the skin into the blood in minuscule amounts to lead to any internally affecting side effects.

Extensively obtainable in generic forms and branded as Rogaine, it has far greater efficacy in women ailing from women hair loss due to diffuse androgenetic alopecia compared to males. Item branding suggests that females solely use the two per cent strength of minoxidil as against five per cent as the FDA has not sanctioned higher strength usage among women.

Androgen Receptor Inhibitor Options

  • Water pills
    Potassium-sparing diuretics – a group of drugs of which Spironolactone branded as Aldactone is classically used for reducing fluids in the system that cause potassium loss, treating potassium dearth, hypertension, swell up or oedema and a hormonal condition known as hyperaldosteronism. These have an anti-androgenic action by slowing down androgen creation and blocking and androgen action by averting DHT or dihydrotestosterone from attaching to its androgenetic receptor.
  • Tagamet
    Tagamet or Cimetidine due to its histamine-blocking features is chiefly used in treating stomach ulcers and has a potent anti-androgenic outcome. Cimetidine has widely helped in treating excessive facial hair among women and also useful in treating women hair loss. As elevated dosages are required to attain outcomes, males must avoid using it as it could lead to likely developing feminine outcomes inclusive of detrimental sexual side effects.
  • Cyproterone Acetate
    They were widely used for reducing undue male libido and curing distinct sexual belligerence and recommended for acute hair growth among women in reproductive age groups and treating women hair loss.

Estrogen-Progesterone Pill, cream forms

These are effectual for treating women with androgenetic alopecia that are menopausal or have a shortage of these hormones. Solely low-androgen indicator contraceptive pills must be utilized for women hair loss treatment. As contraceptive pills lower the manufacture of ovarian androgen, they could be utilized to treat androgenetic alopecia among women.


It is obtainable as Nizoral –the brand name for topical prescription application to cure fungal infection. It curtails the manufacture of testosterone and other androgens by the female reproductive system and adrenal gland. Its anti-androgenic properties could help treat women hair loss. However, one per cent strength of Nizoral is obtainable; however, the two per cent prescription version has far more significant effects.


Branded as Proscar or Propecia is useful in preventing hair fall and triggering hair re-growth in most males. However, it could be beneficial among females too, though contraindicated during pregnancy due to associated birth anomalies in a boy baby.

Some males experience transitory sexual side effects like erectile and sexual drive issues when on finasteride course, though no such side effects in females are observed.

Cyproterone and estradiol merged Drug – Diane 35, Diane 50

These birth control pills are advised as prescription medicines for females suffering from androgenetic alopecia in Europe. These drugs have two milligrams of cyproterone and function by hindering male hormone actions prevalently noted in several females.

Though it could halt hair fall and stimulate hair re-growth in a year, it must be taken regularly to maintain re-growth and banishing hair fall.

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