Why To Choose Texila American University

Today, admission to the medical is tougher because of the many kinds of mandatory criteria, so most students prefer studying abroad. There are plenty of universities available for choice. Some of them are in China, the Philippines, etc.

As all we know, pursuing a medical education is a great option for a bright career. And dream of every student is to get admission to a reputed university. Every student is not only looking for the great infrastructure of the campus, but they will also look for the courses offered by the University and the education structure of that University.

Texila American University is one of the most preferred University by Indian students.

Texila American University offers various health science programs. It adheres to a high academic standard and produces extremely competent physicians and healthcare professionals.

The medical councils of many countries recognize the University, and also many governmental bodies approve the programs of the textile American University.

So this enables students to become licensed physicians in US states, Canada, India, and many other countries.

Texila American University is listed in the World Directory of the Medical School (WDMS). Many accreditation and recognition achieved by the Texila American University are NAC, MCI, UN-Global, NCI, AMEE, GAME, etc. MCI is important for doctors with a foreign degree to practice in India.

Every student must pass the screening test of the medical council of India, and it is evident that the number of students passed from the Texila American University. The success ratio is around 96%. TAU also guarantees to pass the USMLE Step 1 examination, which is essential to practice in the United States of America.

Texila American University is a student-focused university that offers more than 150 academic programs at different campuses for students from more than 70 countries. The realities of academic programs give the University a distinct sharp edge over other urban public research universities.

To accommodate students with different learning preferences, the University offers Campus-based postgraduate Medicine and distance and blended learning modes. Qualified and energetic faculty experts control the academic programs at handling internationally recognized health science programs.

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Besides the high quality of education and the infrastructure, University also takes care of the student, and due to these reasons only, accommodation is very affordable, and it’s free for first-year students under the student engagement program. The hostel of the University is equipped with all the facilities required for student comfort.

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