Why Personal Injury Claims Are Growing In The United States Every Year

The number of personal injury cases is growing every year. It’s crucial to understand the reasons behind the accidents and how to reduce them to stay safe and secure.

More than thousands of personal injury cases are filed in the United States. Moreover, the number of injury cases is growing every year. There are various reasons behind it, which you will know later in this post.

Before that, look at the statistical data from the report of the US Department of Justice. The data shows that only 4% of the accident cases see trial; most of them are settled before reaching the court. The report also reveals that over 400,000 personal injury cases are found each year.

There are different types of personal injury claims which you will understand after reading this article. However, you should understand what is a personal injury case before knowing the reasons behind it.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

When you meet an accident caused by someone else, you may need to claim for your personal injury. It can be an accident in the workplace due to safety negligence, a vehicle crash, or if someone’s pet bites you.

In such cases, you can claim compensation for your personal injury. It is measured based on how the accident affected you and what have the losses happened. Here are some possible losses for which you can claim for compensation.

  • Property loss.
  • Medical treatment cost.
  • Pain and suffering.

If you think you need a legal advisor, you can consult San Jose personal injury lawyers who can advise you on dealing with the case.

Reasons for Growing Number of Personal Injury Cases

Do you know that the number of personal injury cases is growing every day? Take a look at the reasons why it’s increasing.

1) Increasing Number of Vehicle Accidents

Out of all the personal injuries cases, road accidents are more serious than any other claims. Over 50% of the cases are due to motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, the number of such accidents is growing every year.

Reports show that there are more than four million road accident cases that occur in the USA. The main reasons behind this are rash driving, alcohol, drugs, and using mobiles while driving. Apart from that, minor distractions while driving causes these road accidents.

Chances are higher than if you are texting during driving, you will meet a crash. So put down mobile, be safe, and care about others’ lives while you are driving.

2) Slip and Fall Cases

You might wonder that slip and fall cases are also one of the biggest reasons for the growing number of personal injury claims. Most of these cases are found among older people. As people grow, they become physically weak, and they may slip during work or simply at their residence.

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A slip and fall accident can even cause dangerous damage and fracture on the body. So if you have insurance, you can get compensation for medical treatment. However, there is no particular way to reduce this, but being careful and alert can potentially reduce such misfortune.

3) Personal Injuries at Work

Secondly, personal injuries at work may not be the fault of someone directly. But there are many reasons for which people meet such accidents at work. In some jobs, there are dangerous work conditions like working at a workshop, near a boiler, toxic gases, chemicals, etc. A slight negligence in safety requirements can cause a personal injury.

Moreover, most of the accidents at work are involved in transportation businesses. Employees such as drivers and people who are salespersons are more vulnerable to an accident. Overall, the personal injury claims at work are also growing every year. With proper safety measures and careful driving can reduce the number of accidents at work.

Final Words

Now you know the different reasons for the increase in the number of personal injuries. So you should take the necessary actions to stay safe and secure. Ensure that you have insurance for personal injury. Moreover, consult the doctor and personal injury lawyer as soon as possible when you have an accident. Lastly, please feel free to share your opinion on this post.

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