Kerala: Try these for a Honeymoon to Last in Memory Lanes!

For an exceptional couple’s time, you got to try some offbeat things to do, and what better place to do just that than Kerala, God’s Own Country. You just need to be careful while choosing a specific honeymoon in Kerala as to what your partner expects on the honeymoon. Rest everything can fall in place if you consider including even half of what is suggested in this blog.

Stay amidst Nature on a Tree House

Vanya Treehouse in the Thekkady is the best way to experience the jungle and Nature. Awkward silence, dim light in the treehouse, and just you two with the memories of the past life to share and relive, and thus bond; this is a combination made in heaven. The services to the treehouse could be difficult but made special and the experience can never be recreated anywhere else.

Adventure with Surfing and Coracle Rafting

Kerala has over time gained the stature of surf capital. That could be learned and experienced by the travelers and life lived in that moment is unmatched. So you could challenge your partner to learn and do this and leave an impression on him/her too by reciprocating to their challenge as well. And then there’s coracle rafting.

A round boat made of a lighter local wood is common to make Coracles and they go round and round while going forward, backward, and side by side. A different adventurer is in making if you choose to ride this.


You get everything (most of the ‘everything’) in Ashtamudi with its estuaries, untouched wetland of lakes, canals that take to rivers, and the backwaters that take to the sea. Named after the second largest lake Ashtamudi (which resembles an eight-armed octopus) is located in the Kollam district. Small villages and towns nestling spectacular networks of canals and lagoons make Ashtamudi a great place to stay, halt, relax, and enjoy. Floating cottages, food cooked in front, and local games enjoyed.


An unexplored fishing village with a great beach not too far from Trivandrum Poovar marks the end of Kerala as a state. The place is to be enjoyed for its natural sights that live in memory lane for long. Three different water bodies make it an idyllic place for walking, seeing, and strolling: river Neyyar joins the sea and a lake meet here.

A story that incidentally named the place Poovar which was earlier known by its long name ‘Pokkumoosapuram’ has a King (the great Marthanda Varma Maharaja) ruling the Princely State of Travancore (erstwhile) called the place “Poo-var” (‘poo’ means flower and ‘var’ means river) purely out of awe seeing the sight of beautiful flowers that fell in the River Neyyar. You as a couple have a great opportunity in hand to explore Poovar and yourselves.

Volunteer Travel

Couples go on a honeymoon to feel happy and at peace with the loving spouse by their side. And this new kind of travel is the best way to get immersed in such emotions. Kerala is the best place to learn about the culture, activities of daily life there, and travel to give back to the community. If it’s one place to begin or end with, do it in Wayanad with Kabana that encourages ecotourism and make way for sustainable tourism. When your joy in some way assists people of the place in their routine tasks, the experience is out of the place.

Then there are the regulars. Let us know what you would like to include in your honeymoon in Kerala.

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