Which Is Better to Invest in – Gold Stocks or Gold Bullion?

As more people are becoming aware of the benefits attached to investing in precious metals, there are some questions they would like to have answers to. One of such questions is to know the right company to invest in and the second is to know the best type of investment to make. Fortunately, many companies are available to offer their services to investors interested in gold.

Investing in precious metals requires that you work with a reliable company. The search for a reputable investment company can sometimes be difficult especially if you do not have a guide handy. However, there are reputable companies like Bullion Star that are renowned to offer quality services to clients. With a little search, you can find out more about Bullion Star and how to use its services to meet your investment needs.

On the other hand, you may be confused about which investment approach to take. Do you go for gold stocks or bullion? We will be comparing both investments to help you choose the best one for you.

What are Gold Stocks?

What are Gold Stocks

Just like any other public company, precious metals companies also have their shares available for the public to purchase. What this means is that you will become part of the company and participate in the sharing of profits and losses.

Investing In Gold Stocks

For you to invest in gold stocks, you can either purchase the stock of a major mining company or invest by purchasing the stocks with a junior miner. However, investing through a minor stock comes with a greater risk. This is because they are mostly into exploration which can be largely unsuccessful. This makes them less secure as a good investment plan.

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Investors can also invest in gold streaming and royalty companies. This is also the most secure form of stock. Royalty firms are not exposed to the same level of risks compared to mining and exploration companies. They pay upfront for a percentage of the gold that mining companies generate.

Finally, while it is a good investment to buy this stock, it is a fact that no investment is 100% secure, not even precious metals. But for you to increase your odds of having a successful investment, it is better to purchase the stock of a big successful mining company.

What Is Bullion?

What Is Bullion

Bullion generally refers to physical gold, silver, or platinum. Bullion has about 99.9% of pure gold. The bullion coins are backed by some governments and are used as legal tender. Gold bars on the other hand are not used as legal tender. Rather, you can buy them in large quantities and secure them as a form of a hedge in your investment.

Gold provides a means of securing your wealth. Initially, it was easier to sell off coins than bars. But with the ingenuity of some refiners, gold bars were developed to provide opportunities for investors to own precious metals. As a result of this, it is now available in various weights and values. They are also measured in troy oz. Many countries today mint bullion coins for the benefit of investors. Their prices depend on the spot price of precious metals.

There is a difference between both investments. Gold can be anything that has gold crust in them. It may be ore, jewelry, or wristwatches. But bullion is used to refer to the gold of the highest quality. This type of precious metal has a very minute quantity of embellishment mixed with it.

Investing In Bullion

You can buy gold from jewelry stores, dealers of precious metals, private mints, and government mints. If you are planning to invest in physical gold, you should avoid buying numismatic coins. These types derive their value from their historical value and not from their intrinsic value. As a result of this, you will be paying for a value that is above the actual worth. They are attractive to coin collectors mostly.

Furthermore, when investing in precious metals, it is expected that you will have a plan of selling at a later date to make a profit. This should influence your decision to go for a company that can buy it back from you at a fair price.

Which Investment Option Is Better?

Having gone through the opportunities available in both investments, it is evident that they have their pros and cons. However, none of them can be regarded as being better than the other. It is a matter of choice and convenience.

If you wish to buy the stock of a precious metal company, make sure that you are investing your money in a company that is in a stable business condition. However, there is also a possibility that you could lose your investment if for any reason the company suffers a setback.

On the other hand, if you wish to invest in bullion and have the physical gold yourself, you are safe with the knowledge that your investment is under your control. However, it has its risks attached. It gives you the inconvenience of looking for a secure place to store it until when needed.

Secondly, you may not be able to recover your money’s worth in precious metals when you want to resell it. The fact that you are not a dealer may discourage some buyers from buying at a profitable rate.

With the comparison of these two investments, you can conveniently decide which is best for you. However, you need to know that you cannot invest if you don’t save up. This makes it necessary that you start now to save your funds for better investments in the future. If you need tips to help improve your saving habit, you can check here:https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjjbxyc


Whichever way you wish to invest in precious metals, you will certainly enjoy the benefits attached to your investment. There may be risks involved, just like in any other business, but it is not enough reason to be scared of investing. All you need to do is make inquiries about the company you want to work with before investing your money. The option you choose is completely a personal decision.

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