Where to Buy Used Stretchers for Sale

When it comes to equipping a medical facility, stretchers are an essential piece of equipment for patient transport and care. However, purchasing brand-new stretchers can be expensive. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective alternative ways to buy used stretchers. In this guide, you’ll explore five places to help you find reliable sources for acquiring used stretchers without compromising on quality and safety.

1. Medical Equipment Suppliers

When seeking used stretchers, established medical equipment suppliers stand out as one of the most reliable sources. These suppliers specialize in refurbished medical equipment and often maintain stringent quality control processes. Used stretchers from such reputable suppliers have undergone thorough inspections and refurbishment procedures, ensuring their structural integrity, functionality, and safety features are up to standard. What sets these suppliers apart is their commitment to adhering to industry standards and certifications, such as those from regulatory bodies like the FDA or CE markings for medical devices. This dedication to quality and compliance not only ensures the reliability of the equipment but also provides buyers with peace of mind. Additionally, many of these suppliers offer warranties and service contracts, further enhancing the value and trust associated with their used stretchers.

2. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist can provide easy access to used stretcher listings. These platforms host listings from various sellers, including individuals and businesses. Although they have many options, it’s important to use caution when buying from private vendors. Unlike established medical equipment suppliers, individual sellers may not have the same level of expertise or quality control in place. When considering a purchase from online marketplaces, do your due diligence. Thoroughly research the product’s condition by asking specific questions, requesting detailed photos, and inquiring about the stretcher’s history and maintenance records. This information can help you assess whether the equipment meets your requirements and whether it has been well-maintained. Keep in mind that purchasing from individual sellers may come with some level of risk, so it’s essential to be diligent and ensure the equipment’s reliability and safety.

3. Medical Equipment Auctions

Medical equipment auctions are a valuable resource for those seeking stretchers for sale. Various medical facilities and organizations frequently participate in these auctions, making them a hub for acquiring quality stretchers at competitive prices. To make the most of this option, it’s advisable to identify reputable auction houses that specialize in medical equipment. These auction houses often ensure that the equipment they offer has been inspected and is in good condition, providing buyers with a degree of assurance regarding the quality of the stretchers.

4. Hospital Surplus Sales

Exploring hospital surplus sales can be another avenue to find these stretchers for sale. Certain hospitals and healthcare institutions periodically hold surplus sales to divest themselves of older but well-maintained equipment, which can include stretchers. It’s worth reaching out to local hospitals or healthcare facilities to inquire about any upcoming surplus sales in your area. By doing so, you may discover cost-effective options for acquiring stretchers that have been previously used in a clinical setting but are still in good condition. These sales can be an excellent opportunity for healthcare providers, clinics, or organizations seeking budget-friendly alternatives for their medical equipment needs.

5. Medical Equipment Dealerships

Medical equipment dealerships can be valuable sources when trying to find items like used stretchers for sale. These dealerships frequently have access to numerous stretcher types and brands, giving potential customers a wide range of options. When considering this option, it’s essential to prioritize dealerships with solid reputations in the industry. Additionally, don’t hesitate to inquire about the history of the stretchers in question, including details about their refurbishment process. Thoroughly understanding the equipment’s background and quality control measures ensures that you make a well-informed and reliable purchase decision for your medical facility or organization’s needs.


Acquiring used stretchers for your medical facility is a cost-effective way to ensure quality patient care without straining your budget. Always prioritize the safety and well-being of your patients by purchasing equipment that meets industry standards and has a reliable history of maintenance and refurbishment. You can find the ideal secondhand stretchers for your hospital’s requirements by looking through these sites.

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