What to Wear with a Bracelet

Bracelets are an excellent piece of jewellery. With how often we need to reach our hands out to interact with life around us, whether it’s paying for something, shaking someone’s hand (those were the days!), or petting a cute animal, bracelets are the type of accent that can help you leave an impression throughout your day. But, how should you style your bracelet? This blog covers some easy beginner steps for pieces that make you a little unsure.

Let’s get to it.



There are a few different kinds of bangles you might have found in the depths of your Marie Kondo madness that’s sure to have happened at some point this year. There are thin metals hoops by the multitudes, large statement pieces, and maybe even some minimalist diamond bracelet designs too. So, let’s have a look at how you can work these into some outfits for a whole new look.

If you’re the person who found a multitude of thin metal bangles, then more is more. Cram them all on your wrists if you can, and embrace the life of every arm movement being a beautiful orchestra of sound. Wearing lots of thin bangles works surprisingly well with something with long, tight sleeves. Maybe a jumper that gathers in on the forearms to be close-fitting, or even a flowing dress, the movement of the dress combined with the sound of the bangles would certainly make you much closer to being an ethereal sun goddess – if that’s what you wanted to go for.

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Larger, statement bangles require a lot of attention. It’s not that she’s needy, she’s just a diva. Best worn with a plain outfit of complementary colours, make sure you interpret ‘plain’ in the most exciting way possible though! Just because the colours should be more basic or simple, does not mean the outfit should be boring. Something playful that sparks interest, like a maxi dress or a playsuit, is the ideal pairing for a statement piece of jewellery. Your entire look is beautiful and intriguing, but the bangle is getting the limelight she deserves if you’ve played the colours card right.

For the minimalist designs, they’re perfect for business wear. Don’t be disheartened if you’re not one to wear office-appropriate clothing, however, as minimalist designs are very versatile. An outfit of earthy tones thinks beautiful sage greens, khaki, sandy tones, rich, earthy browns, all these options are excellent for pairing with a minimalistic bangle. If your bangle is reflective in some way that’s even better. The shine of metal – like a luscious yellow gold – is the perfect contrast for an otherwise muted outfit. Basic black and white will also be well suited to a plain, minimal bangle, so don’t feel the need to go colourful if it isn’t for you.


cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelet is something of a blast from the past. Although we can go way back and talk about upper arm cuffs as a key part of ancient jewellery from across the world – Pharaohs to Ancient Greeks – I’m referring to the grunge/alternative styles of the late 1990s – early 2000s period of time. On paper, a cuff sounds pretty punk rock, made of leather usually, and broad enough to wear if you sprain your wrist, most likely. In practice, however, the cuff can have more sophistication than that if you want it to.

A broad leather cuff can be ‘dressed up’ to be a bit more formal if you pair it with a tailored jacket. Roll the sleeves of the jacket up, either by making neat folds that show off the internal design of the jacket or by pushing the sleeve up past your elbows and allowing them to crinkle up to make a nice smart-casual effect. Slap a bold cuff on one of your wrists and see that you now have some sexy *edge* to an otherwise formal outfit.

For a more classic cuff, meaning punk rather than toga-attire, dare to go sleeveless. We don’t all have arms like Michelle Obama, but if you do it certainly helps with this look. A sleeveless vest, or perhaps something with fringe is perfect for a sick punk cuff. Having fringe involved allows the two materials to intersect and creates a playfulness in the outfit very befitting of a vintage punk aesthetic. I know, fringe sounds like a cowboy outfit, but believe me, fringe is where it’s at, I’m calling it now that fringe is headed for a serious come back on the alternative fashion scene.



Speaking of the alternative fashion scene, chains are all the rage at the minute. Wear them around your neck, your wrists, your body, attach them to your belt and your wallet, whatever you wanna do. So, if you’ve got one or two chain bracelets lying around, perhaps this is the place to get some inspo for how to include them in more outfits/how to style them in a new and exciting way.

If you have more than one chain bracelet, do everything in your power to find a tiny padlock that can attach them together. It sounds dumb, but if you used to have one of those locking diaries – or perhaps you still do, no judgement here those things were the best – then the padlock from that adds not only nostalgic charm to a bracelet but updates it to involve a really hot fashion moment at the minute. Equally, you could attach your tiny padlock to the single link of one chain bracelet and use it as a charm. Expanding on that point, find whatever other nostalgic trinkets you can and add them as charms as well. The hottest fashion tip at the moment is definitely nostalgia. That and fringe. I swear.

Outfits that suit chains are in the multitudes, but certainly one of the best things about a chain bracelet is its versatility. Not only can it be your best friend if you’re wearing a tracksuit and want to add a little touch of shine to your look, but it’s there for you when you’ve got a little black dress on and you need the perfect accessory. Chains and formalwear used to be contrasting elements, but for now, they play well together, making you look a little edgier than the average, which is a huge confidence booster. Try it and see how it makes you feel.

These are only a few of the options that lie ahead of you should you choose to start rocking more bracelets any time soon. Recently, we’ve all had a bit of time to consider how we want to change up our styles and try new things. If you’ve spent this time thinking that a bracelet or two might be a key element of reinventing yourself – maybe try something from this blog and see how it meshes with you. Good luck!

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