What Does FWB Mean

When you ask the average young single person what does FWB mean, it typically results in a smile. The term is slang for Friends With Benefits which is a way of saying sexual partners with no strings attached.

The nuclear family is the basic unit of a functioning society. There is overwhelming evidence that children become more productive adults when they’re raised in a home with both a mother and father. Yet in still, more people are choosing to remain single, even after they’ve had children. There are several factors that contribute to the decline in marriages, but pure pleasure is one of the most prominent. Even the terms boyfriend and girlfriend are becoming less frequent as more people choose to be promiscuous with multiple partners. The new term for the 21st century is FWB but it comes with very heavy consequences.So, What Does FWB Mean?

When you ask the average young single person what does FWB mean, it typically results in a smile. The term is slang for Friends With Benefits which is a way of saying sexual partners with no strings attached. Friends with benefits refers to two people who enjoy sleeping with each other and they share a mutual attraction. However, their attraction isn’t strong enough to warrant a monogamous relationship. Instead, each member of the couple treats the other like a platonic friend except for the occasional romp in the bedroom. This type of behavior was once frowned upon on modern society, because people were expected to pair off. Even those who never got married didn’t just randomly change sexual partners. There was once a time when a man had to wine and dine a woman to get her to sleep with him. Now more women than ever find one night stands to be acceptable and even exciting. However, this type of behavior leads to a quick downward spiral from which western society will have a difficult time recovering.

What Does FWB Mean to the Future of Traditional Marriage

FWB is really a nice way of saying ramped promiscuity which makes people less likely to get married. In 1960, 76% percent of Americans were already married. This is a pretty good number considering the amount of children that are too young for wedlock. In 2015 only half of Americans are married, and FWB certainly plays a role. The old adage “don’t buy the cow if you get the milk for free” comes to mind. When the women and men in a society disassociate love with sex, it seems okay to just sleep with whomever they choose. Marriage means making a commitment to a single person while FWB allows people to do whatever they please. The decline in marriages isn’t strictly limited to the US, as the UK has also experienced a decline in the number of wed people.

Despite the fact that the UK’s overall population has increased in the past ten years, there are 300,000 fewer married couples. There are a number of factors that contribute to the decline, but rampant promiscuity is partly responsible. All over Europe and even in Canada, the marriage rates have been on the decline since 1960. People are no longer willing to commit to a single individual when they can sleep with as many people as possible. This momentary satisfaction is excellent until the sex ends, but the long-term ramifications are crumbling western society.

What Does FWB Mean for Women

There’s no question that men are more sexual than women, because testosterone is the hormone that controls the libido. Men are naturally going to peruse sexual relationships, and there was a time when women would resist these advances. However, the feminist movement and other factors have led to modern women who no longer associate sex with a strong emotional bond. There are now females who frequent bars and clubs where they’re specifically looking for one night stands. Of course, all the promiscuously leads to unwanted pregnancies, and single parent homes.

Young girls raised in a home without a father are more likely to abuse drugs, drop out of school, get in trouble with the law and runaway. However, the biggest issue may be the lack of sexual identity these young ladies face. Women get their idea of what a man is supposed to be from watching their fathers. Therefore, young women raised without a father in the home are more impressionable and more likely to start having sex earlier.

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The woman who has lots of friends with benefits is very likely to raise a daughter that does the same. The young lady will have more self-esteem and self-worth issues than her peers that are raised in two parent homes. She’ll begin to seek the love and affection that she missed at home in the arms and the bedrooms of strangers. Before long, she finds herself raising a single daughter who’ll face the same challenges. By no means do these assessments apply to all young women who are raised without a father, but it’s the rule rather than the exception. In the US, young girls whose father leave the home before they turn six are 500% more likely to end up pregnant as a teenager. However, the effects of rampant promiscuity can be felt in all of the world’s industrialized countries.

The Effects of FWB in England

There’s no doubt that having friends with benefits is a fun and exciting way to live. However, people must be aware of the impact that it has on the children. It’s sad that so many people value their own pleasure over the well-being of their offspring, but the evidence is there. In the UK, young girls who grow up without a father are far more likely to suffer from depression. Of course, young women with poor mental health are more likely to have multiple sexual partners which means their daughters are more likely to have FWB instead of a husband. The effects of growing up without a father are certainly devastating but this trend affects young men as well. Boys who grow up without a father are less likely to go to college, more likely to go to prison, more likely to father children out of wedlock and more likely to commit suicide. These young men are also more likely to contract an STD which is another disturbing trend among those who have FWB.

FWB and STDs

People who don’t value the futures of their children can hardly be expected to care about their own health. There’s no doubt that condoms affect the pleasure a man feels during sex so it’s no wonder why men don’t particularly like them. There’s also a direct connection between single parent households and girls who practice risky sexual behavior. Combine these two facts with the fact that ramped promiscuity is on the rise and it’s no wonder why more and more people are contracting STD’s. Even syphilis, which was nearly under control in the US, is once again spiraling out of control. People with multiple sexual partners can quickly spread the disease whereas monogamous people are at very little risk. These diseases are also on the rise in the UK, as the number of STD cases is increasing by about 5% annually. This is surely the accumulative effect of indiscriminate sex, but there’s another negative effect of FWB that most people don’t even consider.

On the American television show Maury Povich, a single woman has brought seven different men on the air to take DNA tests. Sadly none of the men were ever a match and she has no idea who fathered her child is. While the woman is worthy of the ridicule for having unprotected sex with so many people, the child has done nothing wrong to deserve the torment. As the baby ages, the video will still be on air in syndication. All of his school mates will see the tape of his mother bringing one man after another to the show only to find out he’s the wrong person. This is what happens when people have FWB. There’s nothing wrong with waiting to get married, but FWB means there no commitment at all. Both parties are typically involved with other people or otherwise, they’d just be boyfriend and girlfriend. People are free to do whatever they choose, but the consequences for living so frivolously are well documented.

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