8 Ways to Minimize What You Pack in Your Suitcase

Do you frequently find yourself sitting on top of your suitcase, trying to close it because you want to squeeze every last item into it? Over-packing is a common struggle for travelers, whether it’s a result of the fear of not being prepared, or due to a lack of planning. Minimizing what you pack will not only save you money but also give you organizational benefits.

Here are eight tips to help Best Way To Pack A Suitcase.

1. Check the weather

best way to pack a suitcase

This may seem like a given, but it’s a crucial step that is sometimes overlooked. Packing appropriately will save space and make you more efficient. Also, remember that the seasons are different if you are traveling from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern! In addition to the temperature and forecast, consider what you plan to do at your destination. Will you be hiking, skiing, or just sitting on the beach? Only bring the essentials that you will need for this specific trip.

2. Pick closet staples first

best way to pack a suitcase

By packing versatile closet staples, you will be able to get at least two outfits from each piece. In addition, consider planning your outfits before packing. Layout your clothes and find combinations that minimize the amount that you pack. Afterward, go back and add a few accessories or pieces of jewelry.

3. Wear your heaviest or bulkiest items

Wear your heaviest or bulkiest items

This includes shoes, coats, and hats, in particular. Save space by packing your smaller, lighter shoes in the best way to pack a suitcase, and wear your hat to avoid crushing it. This may seem uncomfortable or make you feel bulky on the day you travel, but your suitcase will thank you. A lighter suitcase will also help you avoid the dreaded scenario of sitting on the airport floor while frantically taking items out of a heavy suitcase to reduce its weight and avoid a hefty charge.

4. Consider what can be bought at your destination

Consider what can be bought at your destination

Will you go shopping and buy souvenirs? If you are planning on purchasing clothing, you can even pack one or two fewer outfits and wear what you buy. Cheaper items can also be purchased at your destination; for example, rather than packing towels, consider buying a cheap towel and leaving it behind when you come home. Also, do some research and see what your lodging situation will provide you; even simple toiletries or a bulky hairdryer can be left at home if they will be provided at your destination.

5. Utilize travel bags

Utilize travel bags

Small bags minimize the number of items that you can squeeze into them, encouraging you to use space-saving, travel-sized items. You can even save space and money by using a contact lens case to store face creams or liquid makeup instead of bringing the separate, original containers or buying travel-sized ones. Packing clothing in smaller bags also helps you maintain the mindset of aiming to pack fewer items, as space is “smaller.” Best of all, travel bags will make your suitcase much more organized, as they compartmentalize your belongings.

6. Pack versatile tools

As well as packing versatile clothing, pack items that have more than one function. Instead of packing both a curling iron and a straightener, just pack a straightener (as it can do double-duty by straightening and curling your hair). Another tip is to incorporate an inexpensive and skin-friendly oil (like avocado or coconut oil) into your beauty regime. An oil can serve as a facial moisturizer, body lotion, and shaving cream.

7. Consider washing your laundry

Consider washing your laundry

If you are planning to stay at your destination for an extended period, it is worth considering doing your laundry there in order to minimize the amount of clothing you pack! Don’t forget to pack small laundry pods to avoid the risk of spilling detergent on your items.

8. Start packing at least a week in advance

Finally, giving yourself time to pack will encourage you to plan ahead and think critically about what you truly need (as opposed to shoving as many shirts as possible into the case at the last minute). Throughout the week, you might find yourself realizing that you don’t need an item or that you forgot something, saving a trip to the store during your vacation.

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