Top 5 Foods to Never Eat Ever Again

Discover the top 5 Foods to Never Eat ever again and why you should never eat them.

You’ve probably seen the advertisements regarding the 5 foods to never eat for a flat stomach. Does this apply to you? Will avoiding these foods help you reach the goals that you desire? It’s important to gather all the information and be aware of your health concerns before adding or eliminating foods from your diet. The best person to speak with regarding your nutritional advice is your personal physician.

For example, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, your list of five foods never to eat will be different than someone who has Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Again, a person with celiac disease, a gluten allergy, will have a very different list of 5 food to never eat than a person who has no chronic conditions but wants to lose weight.

What Are the 5 Foods to Never Eat

5 foods to never eat for a flat stomach are difficult to narrow down as everyone has different nutritional requirements, but you can follow some general guidelines. That being said, if your goal is a flat stomach and weight loss, you can avoid certain foods that are known to cause weight gain.

Keep in mind that diet alone is not sufficient enough to change the look of your body. You must combine your eating plan with a workout routine that consists of at least 20 to 30 minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming, and add one or two days of strength-training exercises into your weekly program.

Cardiovascular exercise keeps your heart and lungs healthy, burns calories, and helps you reduce the layer of fat surrounding your abdominal muscles. Combine this with strengthening exercises that increase your muscle tissue and metabolism to increase the number of calories your body uses every day.

High-Calorie Foods

The first foods to avoid are any fried foods. Fried foods such as fried chicken, fried fish, and French fries contain a high amount of fat. Fat is easily stored in the body and takes longer to burn away.

The less fat you consume, along with staying within your daily recommended calorie intake, the less fat you will store around your mid-section and the better you can see your abdominals. As an alternative, consider selecting broiled meats or broiling your potatoes for a reduced-fat, healthy and tastier choice.

Worst Foods to Eat

Nutritionists agree that one of the worst foods you can eat is sugar. Sugar quickly expands your waistline and can become an addiction. The more sugar you ingest, the more sugar your body wants. It increases your calorie intake and adds to your weight gain. Cosmopolitan Magazine agrees and continues the caution to artificial sweeteners.

The artificial sweeteners can also increase your craving for sugary, sweet foods, which also adds to your calorie intake. As an alternative, consider eating fresh fruits to tame your sweet tooth, add nutritional value, and aid indigestion.

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Another one of the 5 foods never to eat are frozen meals. This does not include frozen fruits and vegetables, which are a great way to purchase fruits and veggies if you’re on a budget or typically do not eat the foods before they go bad. This does include frozen meals such as meats and French fries, lasagna, Asian foods, etc.

Frozen foods are loaded with fat, preservatives, and salt- that’s why they taste so good. But, these pre-made meals can cause you to maintain excess weight. At the very least, you’ll feel bloated from the extra sodium intake. The bloat alone can cover a flat stomach, making it difficult to see your six-pack.

If you are in a time crunch, an alternative is to prepare and freeze your meals for the week. Use your Sundays to make lots of soups or chili or larger meals such as turkey meatloaf or chicken stir-fry. You can separate the meals into freezer bags or containers for easy access throughout your busy week.

Although it is less expensive, it is also less healthy for you- white bread and other white bread products. The white bread is quickly converted into sugar in your system, making it a candidate for fat storage. It provides quick energy but does not offer a lot of nutritional value. In other words, white bread is a form of empty calories.

As an alternative, ditch the bread altogether, choose a lettuce wrap for your sandwiches, or select bread made with whole grains or sprouted grains. Look for sprouted grains in the freezer or refrigerator section of the grocery store, as these bread products do not contain preservatives.


The last of the five foods you should never eat is margarine. Although you may think this is a healthy, low-calorie butter substitute, margarine has a high amount of trans-fat, which adds to your waistline.

Your body has a significantly more difficult time burning off trans-fats, so using margarine will add to your weight. Plus, it has additional ingredients that may or may not be artificial.

Your cholesterol also increases in response to the trans-fat, and you may have a desire to eat more margarine because you think it is a healthy, low-calorie substitute for butter. Your best option? Use butter, but use it sparingly. Or, cook with olive oil as a heart-healthy option.

Five Food Groups

Not everyone will follow the same diet nor require the same nutritional intake. Therefore, it is important to learn what works best and feels best in your body. For example, if gluten makes you feel tired, bloated, and uncomfortable, it is probably best to avoid gluten-based foods such as bread and pasta. The good news is that many gluten-free substitutes are available to continue to give you a well-rounded meal.

The United States Department of Agriculture developed the MyPlate system to help you learn the five important food groups. These include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Dairy

The dietary suggestions are to focus on the fruits, eat a variety of vegetables, consume half of your grains from whole-grain choices, select lean meats such a turkey and chicken, and ingest your daily dairy intake, so you get calcium. These five food groups are essential to your health and well-being and should be included in your daily meal plans.


The best way to design your eating plan is to choose everything in moderation. For example, avoid high-fat foods such as margarine and deep-fried foods; limit your sugar intake; choose fresh instead of frozen when possible; and reduce your intake of white bread.

These 5 foods to never eat will help you maintain or uncover your flat stomach and keep you feeling and looking healthy. Remember that food is fuel. What you put into your body, you will get out of your body.

If you fill it with fat, fried foods, and sugar, your energy tank will not get you far. On the other hand, if you ingest fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and grains, your energy reserves will last you through all of your favorite activities.

Food is important but should become a habit of making healthy choices. Your food selections should not be something you have to think about every hour of every day. If you find yourself obsessing over your food choices, or limiting your calories excessively, speak with a health care provider to determine if you have a potential eating disorder.

Your relationship with food should be a healthy one and one that you treat with respect. Then, you can look forward to your variety of meals without the worry of adding pounds or the health effects on your body. By learning which foods to avoid and which foods to select, you are already on the right path.

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