Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women

1. Drink plenty of water

Not water coke or flavored water like coffee and tea but warm water or mineral water! By drinking plenty of clean water can help remove toxins in the body, keeping skin healthy and also helps burn calories in the body. Happy not ?.

2. Exercise

Good for health .. look for spiritual! Walking around the house is a form of easy exercise! Do not be lazy to work out … just go to bed, try a little exercise stretch to relaunch blood circulation.

3. Do not smoke.

Smoking harms the skin and also affects health. Everyone knows that .. why do you want to smoke? Do you have a body? Skinny because smoking is just because our body is diseased, so thin! If the person chooses between healthy and diseased, make sure that the person is healthy, right?

4. Sleep enough

Do not stay awake at night … it’s not good. Night time is reserved for sleep? Not enough sleep will make you look older and eyes bruised.

5. Restore skin without any makeup

At a certain time, allow your skin to rest from wearing any makeup. Skin also needs breathing! Do not let the rest of the makeup stick in the face when going to bed. Be diligent to wash your face. Kat house .. do not bother this broom … enough with a clean face

6. Eat enough but not excessive.

Because of the thinness, you are willing to go hungry every day. The good way, eat when hungry and stop before it’s full. Food gives you the energy and vitamins your body needs but your diet. Make sure that the menu is healthy and not full of fat or junk food and fast food solely.

7. Pamper yourself

Take time to pamper yourself like making facial or hair washing in the salon, sauna, and spa or just enjoy a home-made foam bath! Not necessarily in the can also pamper yourself by doing your own at home. If you are diligent..cari different kinds of flowers that are fragrant and do yourself a flower bath. Flowers are said to have their own energy to beautify the body.

8. Avoid stress.

Stress speeds up the aging process. Enjoy the soft music in the room to relieve the tension.

9. Do not worry, be happy.

Think of yourself great and beautiful, sure you will look great !! If we are confident with ourselves, of course, our appearance is beautiful!

10. Laughing laughter entertainers

So catch when joking with family or friends. Do not bounce or pull a sour face. You just add wrinkles in advance.

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