Tips to Get a More Spacious and Comfortable Office

Employees spend average 8 to 10 hours at the office each day so it will become their second home. At some stage they will get bored of that place. So how will you draw them every day for the office?

Having an office where the worker feels comfortable is very important for the proper functioning of the company. If a series of beneficial factors are fulfilled, productivity will not suffer. But sometimes, this is complicated because the space we have is not big enough and it is more difficult to group all the necessary conditions to make a comfortable office. To avoid this situation, it is best that our office is efficient as space and take advantage of every corner. In this article, we will tell you the 5 most useful and effective tricks to achieve a more spacious and comfortable office for anyone who works in it.

Tricks to get a more spacious office

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1. Maximum simplicity

It is necessary to make an analysis of the space of the office and assess what is essential for good performance and what is not. The space is very valuable so the furniture and elements that do not provide functionality should be removed to free up space. Only what is useful and essential must be prioritized so that everything goes well. In the event that you have a large number of workers and do not have much space, you can choose alternatives to make the most of it using, for example, bench desks for offices. It is possible to maintain merely decorative elements but you should look at them that occupy little or occupy places like on the shelf or hanging on the wall.

2. Suitable office furniture

To achieve a more spacious office, office furniture is the greatest allies. It is highly recommended to have smaller office furniture to clear the space. Refrain from buying large tables where you do not take advantage of the space or shelves that occupy half an office. Furniture that is versatile and versatile is the best option, such as tables with filing cabinets, excellent accessories for office desks. It is also important where furniture is placed. A good distribution of furniture is key to achieve a visual balance in the space and give the feeling of greater amplitude.

3. Lighting

It is a very important aspect to achieve more spacious offices. Natural light is always best to promote a greater sense of well-being, but it is not always possible. In case of not having natural light, the best artificial light to achieve the effect of greater amplitude are white LED lights. LED lights are energetically efficient and have a more diffuse and clear light that helps illuminate every corner of the office. White light is always the most recommended because it is not aggressive to the eyes. It also helps to read the documents and counteract the intense light of the monitors’ screens.

4. Everything in its place

It is important to have everything on your site because it helps to get a more spacious office. Having everything in order will help reduce visual noise. You can use the drawers to store everything you need but that can disturb the order of the space. As mentioned in point 1, separate everything you need from what you do not and get rid of the expendable elements. To deepen this topic, this article on the organization of the desktop will be very helpful so that everything is perfectly in place.

5. The colors of the office

To obtain a more spacious office, there is no doubt that light colors are the best. The colors white, beige, light gray and pastel colors are colors that help to emphasize the feeling of greater space. Being light colors the light is reflected and gives more light to the whole. Of course, sometimes you have to decide between the corporate color and a suitable color to take advantage of the lighting. A balance between the two would be appropriate or dedicate the corporate color in certain places such as the reception or the rest room while the light color would be aimed at the wider areas or where the light falls more.

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We hope that these 5 tricks to get a more spacious office have been very helpful. Finally, we have several versatile and versatile office furniture to help achieve the goal of a more pleasant office where to work; we have a large selection of adjustable height tables with drawers and office filing cabinets that will go very well in any office decoration. Thank you very much for reading and we are waiting for you next week!

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