Things to Remember When Buying a Dental Chair

The smooth operation of a dental clinic relies on its dental chair. While it is one of the most expensive equipment a dentist has to buy, it usually is the first thing a patient looks for as they enter the clinic.

Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the chair that you are going to buy. You don’t want to spend your money on something that will fail its purpose. Below are some of the guidelines that you should follow when buying a dental chair.


It is essential to consider the chair’s general design to tell its comfort and its aesthetic value. When choosing the design, you should consider these factors:

  • Dimension- a dentist can tell by looking at the size of the chair if the equipment would suit not only their requirements but also their patients’.
  • Headrest- You must be able to position your patient’s head to help you work as effectively as possible while keeping them comfortable.
  • Backrest- it should be wide enough to support any size of your patient. It should be soft as most patients may be resting their backs for quite a long time.


No matter how good you are as a dentist, an ugly chair will turn every patient off as they enter your clinic. Most patients are looking for comfort and the quality of the chair where they might be sitting for a long time.

Moreover, a good chair is ergonomically designed. Keep in mind that the ergonomics doesn’t stop at designing and arranging workplaces. You should also consider the equipment and the design of the devices for patients in a healthcare setting. You need to focus on the comfort and safety of your patient and you, the dentist.


The functionality of the chair defines the efficiency of the dentist. Efficiency here means getting the job done right and as fast as possible. No dentist or patient would want a long and slow procedure that is caused by a substandard chair. After all, it is still a business, and the faster you can get the job done, the more money you will earn.

Delivery unit

The delivery unit is one of the most critical parts of the chair that contributes to the functionality of a dental chair. Delivery units have two main types: continental and traditional. The continental delivery unit helps you to work comfortably, increasing your productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, the traditional delivery unit is made of chair mounted systems. It saves space and is easy to use.

Another critical aspect of the chair is the control panel, which profoundly affects its functionality. Most state-of-the-art dental chairs have touch screen control panels along with other advanced features. These features help the dentist work accurately, quickly, and effectively.

The position of the chair affects the success of dental treatment. Choose a highly adjustable chair, allowing you to access the patient’s mouth without any problem.

As a dentist, most of your job will take place on your chair. When buying a chair, you must consider both you and your patient’s comfort during the procedure. Moreover, you should only buy a dental chair on a store trusted by many dentists around your area. They should help you decide what chair suits you and could help you the most.

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