Are You Aware Of These 6 Cake Design Trends?

Whether you like birthday parties or not, there’s no denying the fact that a cake is the most beautiful attraction of the whole event. From the last few years, this sweet food has evolved from a simple white basic frosting into elaborate and detailed designs.

Nowadays, not just bakers and patisserie chefs but even homemakers and hobbyists like to try new designs to push their creativity.

Along with the taste, people now focus on uniqueness and cake design trends.

Keeping that in mind, here are six cake design trends you should know about.

1. Geometric cakes – still going strong!

Geometric cakes

The trend of geometric cakes started in 2018, and it’s ruling for 2 years now. As the name suggests, geometric cakes come in square, rectangle or hexagon form with bold, bright colours to add a fun twist in it.

People embraced the design for its simplicity, but it became popular for its creativity.

Today, a well-decorated geometric cake at wedding ceremonies, birthdays and anniversary parties is the new way to wow guests.

2. Black Cakes now rule weddings

weddings cakes

Yep, you heard it right! Black cakes for the wedding! Don’t be so judgy, a well-done cake can look extraordinarily beautiful, no matter what the colour. Newlyweds usually go for a white layered cake for their wedding ceremony, so what changed? Well, modern couples nowadays like to set a statement by opting for dark desserts. The statement being, that boring is bad.

White is innocence, goodness, safety – oh, that’s so boring! Black, on the other hand, is strength, vividness and sophistication. Black cakes are a fun element; they add a certain ‘edge’ to the occasion, which makes them stand out.

3. while bright-coloured cakes rule baby showers

cakes rule baby showers

It’s 2020, India is more open to adopting western traditions. Gone are the days of Godh Bharai. Baby Shower Cakes are the new way to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood And what better way to do this, than bright and bold coloured cake?.

Whether you’re a stickler for old traditions or love the quirky vibe, a bright and colourful cake is always an excellent choice.

It allows you to be unique while still maintaining the classic look. To personalize this different style of cakes, one can work with the baker and go for a custom look that reflects the mom-to-be’s style.

4. Kids prefer superhero cakes

superhero cakes

Goodbye prince and princesses! Kids today love superhero cakes, whether they’re from computer games, TV shows, movies or other kids’ birthdays. And the latest fad is all about the recent Marvel & DC films.

Of course, this longing comes from their everlasting love for superheroes and their dream of gaining some of the superpowers if not turning into their favourite character. Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are some of the most currently popular choices.

5. Foliage makes a comeback with oversized florals

comeback with oversized florals

Floral cakes have set the trend from the last few years. The subtle green hues and delicate blooms add a serene charm to an already-sweet dessert. Earlier, this was accompanied by foliage to complete the nature-inspired look.

Now, there’s no denying the romantic beauty of floral cakes, and with oversize leaves and vines, the effect is boldly amplified. But like everything else, the vegetation was added sloppily making the overall cake design trends unpleasant and OTT.

Anyways, foliages are slowly making a comeback, so if you’re planning to whip up a rose-themed cake, you might want to take your time. Remember, oversized flowers are a winning choice when it comes to adding those finishing touches.

Naked Cakes

Zero frostings, minimal garnish and yet the taste is as good as the usual counterparts. We’re seeing naked cakes everywhere – they’re the perfect birthday cake for someone with an aversion to excessive sweetness and fancy decoration.

Sure, there aren’t any fondant decals or buttercream ruffles, but you’ll be surprised just how many style options you have to choose from when it comes to this beautiful bare cake trend.

This cake design trends are perfect for times when you’re short on frosting, entertaining guests on a hot day or want something rustic and easy to decorate.

So, these were six interesting cake design trends. We hope you liked this post. To know more about such cake design trends or for high-quality pictures and recipes, you can check out the HappyShappy App. It has tons of great ideas for every occasion and celebration.

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