The Importance Of Keeping Your Web Browser Up To Date

Web Browser
Web Browser

I know. Keeping your computer software up to date can be a chore. It used to be just that you had to keep your PC or laptop up to date. But many of us probably have a smartphone and a tablet too. And all of them have a web browser.

The web browser is our window on the world as well as the application launching pad of choice. It has become the most essential thing you use on your devices.

Keeping your web browser up to date used to be simple when you had just a laptop to contend with. But keeping this important tool up to date has become more difficult and many of us ignore keeping or browsers up to date because we have too many devices to contend with. We may have fallen into a false sense of security.

But not remaining current is definitely not a good place to be since you will be sacrificing functionality and compromising security to say the very least.

Settle on a standard web browser to start with. That way the maintenance routine will be simplified amongst all your devices.

1. Web Standards

Web standards are always changing and improving. Keeping your web browser up to date will ensure that you have the latest technical standards covered and that your online experience will not be hampered.

2. Security

Probably the most important issue to deal with today is web security.

The first place hackers will try to exploit is your web browser. Thus it is essential that you remain very current on your software version in order to avoid someone from exploiting your computer, or to send spam email to people, or to steal your cyber identity.

3. Performance

Nobody likes a slow response time. Ensuring that you remain current is the best way that you can maintain good response time from the web. Software developers are constantly tuning their code to improve web performance.

We don’t like waiting for things especially as we get older. I can attest.

4. Usability

Usability is an important issue especially as we get older. Ergonomics become have even more critical as we advance in age. For example, remaining current with web browser releases allows us to use features such as voice searching whereby we can speak our search question instead of typing it in.

This is a very big gain!

So check for the latest version of your web browser. They usually all have a way to check for updates by clicking on the About menu item.

Some allow you to set your computer or device to alert you to new versions which you may download later or they can be updated automatically.

I prefer to control the update so as not to be on the bleeding edge. I suggest remaining no more than one release behind to avoid surprises. So a manual update is my choice.

Using the same browser on all your devices will also simplify the chore of staying current.

PS: One other thing to remember. Make sure that you keep your JAVA software very current. JAVA is used by many web applications that you come across. And it is exploited by hackers on a regular basis, unfortunately. So being up to date on JAVA is very important.


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