The Growing Demand of Ducted Aircon In Sydney!

You look forward to cooling every part of your house when it comes to air conditioning. With a split system or a freestanding unit, this can be a struggle.

This all will rack up an expensive bill, something that Who could have prevented if you had been using a different system, although you can gradually add different split system units to each room.

A ducted aircon in Sydney is a must, and this is what we are referring to. To evenly cool your home in Australia, this is the most effective way. However, with other styles of a unit, this isn’t easy to achieve. Connected to a hub, a ducted system works by having vents in each room. This hub then supplies each vent with cold air to cool the rooms where the vents are present.

How does a ducted unit work?

The following would be how ducted air conditioning works:

Outdoor Unit:

The compressor, evaporator coils/heat exchanger, and electronic boards or ‘brains’ of the system are all housed in this. It has vertical air discharge, which keeps the surrounding air temperature around the unit to a minimum, ensuring maximum efficiency, unlike most other systems. These are all ideal for installations close to the boundary fences.

Through the indoor unit comes the hot gas, which is blown to the outdoor unit, where cooler ambient air is blown over the fan coil fins, which cools the gas down. The compressor pumps the gas indoors after recompressing it.

Indoor Fan Unit

In the tubing of the indoor fan coil, the compressed gas evaporates. Through evaporation, the fins are cooled down. Warm indoor air is blown over the fins and through the insulating ducts; this is then blown to each room.

To catch the condensates accumulating on the cold metal parts, which then drain to the outside, there is a drip tray at the bottom of the unit.


With several attachments for ducting to be connected, a metal component is fitted to the fan unit. Branching off to different rooms/zones and different ceiling outlets/diffusers, this ducting is usually a string.

Protech Return Air Grille & Filter

It needs to recirculate back to the indoor unit in the ceiling to be cooled down again, and it does this through the return air grille being filtered at the same time once the air is blown into a zone/room. To remove the ultrafine particles, the 3-layer filter also has electrostatic properties.

Drip Tray

The condensates are channelled outside through the drip tray. Therefore, ensuring that the S-drain stays open and is correctly cleaned during servicing and lasts is a significant improvement.

Branch Takeoff

The central duct splits into 2 or 3 smaller ducts going into each room/outlet as this is an insulated branch-off section.

Zone Motor/Damper

To control the temperature of that room, it controls the volume of air going down that duct, and it eventually gets colder as more cold air is drawn into the room.

Flexible Ducts

This duct has an R1 thermal rating with a smooth inner surface to minimise the noise and maximise the airflow. Preventing it from collapsing or getting squashed, the inner core has an encased spring steel coil. In addition, it does not contain harmful glass fibres as the polyester insulation layer will not support bacterial or fungal growth.

Stylish round ceiling diffuser

From being elegant round, square multidirectional, square silhouette, circular heritage, round jet & Bar grille, diffusers choose to be so.

Master Wall Controller

The zones are switched on/off. Fan speed is drawn to be low to high, and the temperature is also regulated here.

Benefits of a ducted system

In having a ducted system, there are a lot of benefits. It is recommended that you have one as Australia is a hot country. The ducted system allows you to cool your entire home, which is the main benefit of having this type of system.

You can even isolate certain areas as you have a ducted vent in every room of the house and have some techniques. These are all compiled as zoning. Cooling every room in the house would be a standard option in most cases. As a result of this ability to zone off certain rooms, they also offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

They can help you long-term when it comes to conditioning your home, although they are expensive to install. You can turn off any cooling to it, which therefore saves you a lot of money if you are not using that room then. When compiled all together, it can save a lot of time and money on a ducted aircon in Sydney.

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