The Beginner’s Guide to Crystals

guide to crystals

Crystals have long been used for healing and for balancing emotions. While it may seem odd to some, people have carried amulets and stones for centuries. Used for everything from protection to attracting love and calming us down, a guide to crystals can help with many imbalances.

We’re not saying that you should run out and blow your bank account on every crystal out there, but perhaps keeping a small stone near your desk or in your pocket could provide benefits—placebo or otherwise.

How to approach crystal healing work

Specific stones are said to be linked to particular areas of the body, and guide to crystals are often used in conjunction with the seven chakras located from the top of your head to the base of your pelvic area.

Colors red through violet are sometimes placed on the chakra points after a massage or a meditation session. Different stones possess properties that correlate with their shade; for example, rose quartz has long been touted as a stone that attracts love, while yellow quartz provides mental clarity.

Fear not, working with crystals is not some dark art—think of it as attracting energy that is already out there and inspiring good vibes to come your way. Feng shui specialists use crystals placed throughout the home to create calm, refreshing energy for their clients.

These stones are pleasing to the eye and may also create harmonious and soothing energy in your immediate environment—who wouldn’t love that?

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Here are some essential guides to crystals you may wish to try out. Remember that even a tiny piece of a beautiful stone provides healing benefits.

Whether it’s just the placebo effect working or something more profound, beautifying your life with a guide to crystals will surely lift your spirits.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is considered to be the starter crystal—it’s known for bringing clarity, amplifying positive vibrations, and regulating energy levels.

It’s referred to as the “master healer” stone and is used to repel negative energy, balance emotions, and reduce stress. It’s used to cleanse and rid us of negative energy, absorbing dark thoughts, anger, anxiety, and frustration.

Clear quartz may also help unblock clogged thoughts (e.g., writer’s block) and is used by healers to promote restful sleep and harmony with oneself.

I keep clear quartz in my car and keep one in my purse as soon as I find a lovely small stone that fits. Any clear stone you find will do the trick, as I’ve often found clear or white stones promote feelings of positivity and safety—quartz or not.

Who found some of my clear stones not in the mall crystal shop but on hikes or casual walks on a beach.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most popular guides to crystals, with its lovely, soft pink color. It’s used to attract and keep love, heal broken hearts, and draw in all love—not just romantic.

It’s also carried or placed in the home to help cope with disappointment, encourage self-love, release repressed pain, bring inner peace, and promote forgiveness. It’s a great stone to work with as it’s calming, compassionate, and gentle.

If you’re angry at a loved one, give them a stone or piece of jewelry made with rose quartz, as it’s also used to promote forgiveness.

Healers use rose quartz to help others make peace with themselves and ex-lovers and current partners who may have caused them pain.



Sometimes called the sobriety stone, amethyst is a purple stone used for its calming and reflective properties. It’s an all-purpose stone that purportedly enhances intuition, psychic powers, and spirituality.

It fosters balance, peace, patience, and emotional clarity. Healers often suggest clients place amethyst by their bed to promote lucid dreaming.

Amethyst properties also include stress relief, as it’s used to attract positive energy and rid you of negative energy—including depression.

Its healing properties act as a shield that blocks darkness and forms a protective bubble of positivity around you. Jewelry made with amethyst will keep you in an orb of positivity, and the stone is beautiful to boot.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is known to transmute darkness and negativity and protect from unwanted energy. Healers use it to help clients get rid of old patterns and beliefs, making them feel stuck.

It’s used to draw out and capture any bad vibes and remove stagnant energies while clearing the path for new, healthier habits and thought patterns. Smoky quartz promotes stability, intuition, and positive thoughts, calms fears, lifts depression, and promotes serenity.

It’s an excellent stone for grounding and promoting positive change, improving communication and concentration. It even helps to prevent nightmares.



This cheery yellow stone has positive vibrations that transmit to all around it. Healers use citrine to promote positivity, combat dark thoughts, release anger, and clarify the mind. It inspires productivity and draws prosperity towards you.

It’s often used to help unblock a closed, stuck mind, boosting creativity and happiness while promoting harmony in relationships. Citrine cleanses away dark vibrations, sets the stage for success, and improves communication skills.

This cheery stone supports self-discipline, energizes, and promotes productivity—all of which make it a great stone to keep at your place of work.


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