4 Things To Know About Online Freight Forwarding Platforms

As humans existing in 2018, we tend to expect everything to be as convenient and as quick as possible. In no aspect is this truer than when it comes to online purchases.

Online freight marketplaces are rapidly replacing forwarders in many scenarios as they are being proven to present clients with the most effective, efficient and straightforward service delivery solutions, whether you are looking for the best way to ship to China, Germany, the US, or somewhere else.

If you want to learn more about this new development in international shipping, here are four things to know about online freight forwarding platforms.

1. They Are A Product Of The Digital Age.

For years, there have been a variety of freight forwarding services on the market. You have consultative freight forwarders (who can handle complex logistics for a high cost), low-cost freight forwarders (a limited range of services for those with a tight budget), and global freight forwarders (large operators with capabilities in multiple countries).

Online freight forwarders came about as a product of the digital age as more and more businesses moved to have online logistics. Generally, an online freight forwarder administers a platform through which importers or exporters can obtain freight quotes online and then book, track, and pay for their shipments.

2. They Are A Necessity.

Some business owners are very familiar with online freight forwarding platforms, while others may have never heard of them. That isn’t to say that they don’t have an essential job in the global economy. In fact, online freight forwarding platforms are a necessity.

For firms that have clients or customers in other parts of the world, utilizing an online freight forwarding platform is essential. Think about the large number of companies that operate locally but still require constant supplies from other areas of the globe. The only way they can efficiently receive these supplies is through the reliable and efficient logistics that an online freight forwarding platform can provide.

Similarly, for any businesses that are involved in e-commerce, working with an online freight forwarding platform means that goods and products can be shipped around the world at a speed (and with an ease) that keeps all parties involved happy.

3. It Is Essential To Find One That Fits Your Particular Business.

As with any firm that you partner with in business, it is crucial that you find an online freight forwarding platform that works for you. While there is an abundance of international freight forwarders that you can select from, the only way to have a flourishing partnership is to find one that is appropriate for the specific requirements of your business.

Prior to speaking with potential freight forwarders, ensure that you have written up your list of requirements so that you know what you are looking for. These requirements should include how your goods will move, the precise transportation, storage, or handling specifications you have, and the scope of services you want your freight forwarder to provide.

By doing a little preparation beforehand, you will be in a great position to have an honest and open conversation with freight forwarders about your needs, and you won’t find yourself agreeing to work with someone who doesn’t provide what you desire.

4.  You Still Have To Think About How To Package Your Shipment.

While utilizing an online freight forwarding platform is undoubtedly a more advanced way of handling your firm’s logistics, you still have to consider some of the more basic levels of shipping internationally — such as packing.

No matter what you are moving around the world, where it is going, or how it is getting there, you still need to think carefully about how you package your shipment.

Especially for goods that are being moved all around the globe, they need to be protected with a packing material that is durable enough to survive handling, condensation, and other inevitable hazards. However, the tricky part is that you also need a light material so that it doesn’t influence the cost of shipping too much.

One of the benefits of working with a high-quality online freight forwarding platform is that you can quickly determine the cost of shipping certain products and materials around the world.

Have you ever considered using an online freight forwarding platform? Does your business require it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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